A blemish rescue oil. Yes, really

This year you haven’t heard it: oh how I love a facial oil. And this is a gem from a brand I got to know quite recently: Votary, which makes this post that little bit more exciting. Now, my personal battle navigating between aggressive, drying blemish fighting and hydrating, nourishing age fighting products is known […]

Well oiled up

Oil on my face. That is something I never thought I’d put on deliberately. Having had problematic, blemish  skin all my life, I always struggled with the oiliness of my dry skin. Three years ago, facial oils changed my life. And my skin. For the first time, I felt radiance coming from my acne-treatment-battered skin. And […]

All natural, Naked Beauty (oil)

Now, I’ve had my eyes on Skin & Tonic London for a while and was thrilled to try their new product: the Naked Beauty Oil. Yes, it’s an oil (although they call it a serum), so it’s more than halfway to winning my heart. More than that, its British produced, organic and from a company […]

Gimme (more) oil!

Here I go say it again: I love oils. I know I keep going on about it but there are so many amazing products now on the market I cannot help but rave about it. Dermalogica is a brand I am very close to and they have added yet another product to my love list: […]

My love affair with body oils

My love for oils is no news: hair, body, cuticle, skin… I’m all over it; or better, it’s all over me. Liz Earle has added a little gem to their Superskin range: the Superskin Dry Oil for body. As any product in the Superskin range, the Dry Oil has the botanical blend of cranberry seed […]

Well oiled: the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour All-Over Miracle Oil

A couple years ago I developed a serious love of facial oils. The effect oils made for my skin is quite amazing. The Eight Hour Cream is a must have classic and lives in my makeup bag – it’s great for everything. When I found out about the Eight Hour Miracle Oil, I had a […]

More oil: The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

When I heard The Body Shop was bringing out a whole range based on oil blends, I was very excited. The first product from the Oils of Life range I wrote about was one that intrigued me. After all, the Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion is a different product that added new step into the routine. […]

The Body Shop Oils of Life: fuelling my obsession with oils

As if I weren’t obsessed enough with oils, here comes The Body Shop and adds more fuel to the fire with the amazingly luxurious Oils of Life range. It contains a massager and four great products: two creams, an oil and a lotion, with which I will start with, as it is a bit different […]

A step into mindfulness: Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty Clear Mind Bath & Shower Oil

Mindfulness. Something that is so talked about nowadays but still not exercised enough by most of us. Aromatherapy Associates and Liberty are here to give us a little helping hand with the gorgeous Clear Mind Bath & Shower Oil, which was born to help us “find peace in a frantic world”. This fabulously thick and […]

One for the gym bag: this works body makeover body oil

Oil has been my beauty obsession for the past couple of years, so obviously I am always open to new products on my routine. The this works body makeover is a glowing, super charging body oil, blended from 16 essential oils. If oil is what you want, oil you shall receive!