Can’t let go of my Schutz shoes!

Schutz shoes

My "vintage" Schutz shoes

I cannot recollect when I started loving shoes, it was certainly  at a very young age. What I do remember is falling in love with them again, in different ways, when introduced to Brazilian shoe makers Arezzo and Schutz – they were my staples when I lived in Brazil: almost all of my shoes were either  Arezzo or Schutz.

I started to love the design, the materials, the quality and comfort a killer high heel can give you due to engineering. Far from something that protects my feet or accessorises the outfit, the shoes I buy become a part of me, they pretty much are the outfit.

I started following @Schutzoficial not long ago, to get updates, news and feel closer to one of the institutions that helped shape my love for shoes. When I was younger, there were Arezzos and Schutzs, I later discovered the Louboutins and Jimmy Choos.

When I noticed someone posted a picture of their recent Schutz, I decided to post a picture of a very old pair of mine, probably bought circa 2000/2001, and one of the very few that survived my move to London and 9 years beyond that. I just can’t let it go! And probably never will.

Today, they posted my Schutz “vintage” on their blog – the shoes that have been part of my life for about a decade, that danced lots the nights away, and luckily, cannot tell anyone what it has witnessed. What a nice surprise!

That is very sweet, thank you Schutz!

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