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littlebookfashion_colour_dove (24 of 30)Hi, my name is Dani, welcome to my world!

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Now, to the fun part!

Above anything, I am a shoe maniac. I love everything about shoes: the design, the ergonomics, the materials, the details (or lack of), the heels, the making of an outfit – but most of all, I love the way it makes you feel. I own, unashamedly, more than 100 pairs.

I LOVE beauty. Make-up is a passion and a *massive* part of my life; it is a more than just a daily “necessity”; it is something I really enjoy.

I am fascinated by new products and the way they can work in your favour, enhance your features and give you more confidence so your real self can shine. I am also crazy about nails, always been a nail polish girl and from time to time I experiment with some nail art.

Fashion and style are a big part of my everyday life; I observe trends but don’t follow blindly; I tend to mix and match a few I like, and make them work for my taste, lifestyle, body shape and budget. I really like adding (sometimes randomly) retro inspired elements in my looks.

On a more serious note, I am a bi-lingual writer and journalist  with more than 10 years experience in news and digital media.

I like everything girly: dresses, dressing up, sewing and making things. Believe a bit of sparkle can fix most things. I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, but sometimes I suffer from lazy patches!

Really enjoy a good party and dancing, love champagne but won’t pass on vodka.

Totally in love with the aerial hoop. Dream of running away with the circus. Maybe.

My life is full of drama and I don’t do half-hearted.

Extremely organised within my own mess. Perennially in love with red lipstick.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Coco Chanel

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24 thoughts on “The writer

  1. You have been nominated in The Marie Claire Blog & Twitter Awards and I’m delighted to let you know that you have been longlisted for Marie Claire’s Best Beauty Blog Award – please get in touch for details and your Vote for Me button!


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  3. Hi Dani

    Have just discovered your fabulous website! It’s amazing and one I shall be returning to regularly.
    Very creative and imaginative of you – well done!
    Lots of love


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  5. Hi Dani loved Reading your introduction. I too suffer from lazy patches when it comes to gyming lol. well I am a new follower. hope you follow my blog too. xxx


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