Step into the light

Dani holds a glass of champagne with Pegasus reflection in mirror, at the Brasserie of Light in London

Absolutely no secret I love eating. Food makes me very happy. And i love a pretty place.A glass or two of champagne.

I had been to the Brasserie of Light before for drinks and a light snack at the bar. It was so good that it’s been in my hit list for a full meal. Spoiler alert: it didn’t disappoint.

With theatre booked for 7pm, we decided to have a very late lunch (or very early dinner if you prefer). Underwhelmed with the pre/post theatre menus in the area, we decided to broaden the search area and go a bit early. Then the Brasserie of Light came to mind straight away.

Not widely available for booking, we got lucky, given the last-ish minute decision, dinner wouldn’t have been possible (tip: book early), but it seems the stars aligned.

It is located within Selfridges in Oxford Street and is so pretty – all art-deco style with its (literally) shining piece de resistance: Damien Hirst’s 24ft crystal encrusted Pegasus statue with its 30ft wingspan soaring over us with its majestic hooves lifted, as if flying into the light. There are some little ones dotted around other areas, but the main dining room really is where fabulousness is at.

Watch the video

We started with a chilled glass of Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label while we chose.

For starter Dan went for the tuna carpaccio, with mooli, spiced avocado purée, sesame seeds and citrus ponzu. He cannot fault it.

I went for the roasted sea scallops with creamed truffle polenta, parsnip crisps and salad mâche. Not gonna lie, I feel this dish was constructed for me. It ticked all my flavour boxes.

I really wanted the duck main but sadly they were out of it. Enter the miso black cod with pickled fennel and miso sauce, which filled the duck’s spot with no gaps. Cannot go wrong with black cod. Also ordered a side of the truffle mash. DIVINE.

I am intolerant to raw fennel, but it came on the side. As it was pickled, I had a go at my own peril and it was too good. I ate it all but as it was pickled it didn’t make me unwell. Score.

Dan had the monkfish and prawn Keralan curry with sweet potato, coriander, coconut and jasmine rice. He loved it.

We shared a bottle of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, te Muna, Craggy Range, 2021 over our courses.

Orbit dessert dish picture at the Brasserie of Light in London

Now, I don’t often have desserts, especially chocolate ones, but the Orbit the table next to us had was so damn pretty that we had to order one to share. It’s a very indulgent dark chocolate mousse, salted caramel ice cream, milk foam, honeycomb and popping candy.

Love the theatricals and it was real party in my mouth, with amazing flavours I adore. The milk foam, although delicious, was a bit too rich for me in the quantity.

We washed it down with another glass of Veuve while they brought the lovely surprise at the end as we celebrated our anniversary (we don’t have a date for it, but it’s loosely around that time, so we celebrate another cycle of sheer toleration love).

Now, I am usually suspicious of pretty venues as had bad experiences in other good looking, poor tasting and pocket bleeding venues but this wasn’t the case, much on the contrary.

Service was impeccable throughout, so added to the whole experience.

Tip #2: toilets are shared with Selfridges so on a Saturday evening the queues were brutal. I found another one in another floor and got lost on my way back, naturally. Dan had better luck.

Main downside: having to go through the Shoe Galleries after a few drinks. I did not buy on that day but a week later I was back for the shoes. Damn. Do not say I didn’t warn you.

A brown paper bag containing a brown paper shoebox with a red ribbon
written by Dani

A brilliantly explosive experience: The Gunpowder plot

How about you spend two hours in vaults under London’s Tower Bridge to help foil the explosive plot of 5th November 1605?

Sounds amazing, right? That’s exactly what The GunPowder Plot brings you.

You get plunged bang in the middle of Guy Fawkes’ conspiracy, interacting with the most amazing live actors and virtual reality to help save the Houses of Parliament from exploding.

I do love immersive experiences and I must say The Gunpowder Plot is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Before I go on I;ll highlight I highly recommend this one.

Let’s start with the setting – extremely elaborate across 3 floors at the Vaults by the Tower of London and London Bridge, the venue really drags you into the story line.

The whole journey takes place at a space styled very realistically, made to look and smell as if you are there. Extra points for the great special effects.

A male actor wearing a black cape crouches by a small door on the floor.
Image courtesy from The Gunpowder Plot.

The actors are fantastic and their interaction with the crowd very natural and extremely engaging to get you to complete your mission in an action packed quest.

Plus you really feel comfortable to interact with them as much or as little as you wish throughout the experience.

Tom Felton stars (virtually) as Guy Fawkes.

Now, the virtual reality parts… Oh the VR parts. EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD. Of course no spoilers but damn, it was good. Every single bit of it. It really elevated the experience.

Visitors sit in swing chairs wearing VR headsheats
Image courtesy from The Gunpowder Plot.

You really feel you are in London 1605 helping save the city and its people from a dreadful fate. And I love the mix of very old – the story, the set, the styling – and new – all the tech used across the show and how it blends seamlessly together.

I also loved the historical “corrections’ to the experience storyline and clarifications at the very end. Gives you a full view of the real plot and actors, relating it to the experience you’ve just been through.

Halfway and at the end you have a change to grab a beverage or two. In the interval pub, the Duck and Drake, where you “plan” your next moves, you can grab a drink and take some pictures, while photography/filming is forbidden through the experience, of course.

At the first (and last) bar, you can order (and pre-order) from a list of thematic cocktails (I had the Toffee Apple and my partner the Dark and Smoky) and also food, making this experience even more complete. A real day out!

Also worth nothing is the fantastic creative team behind the experience, which include Olivier nominee writer Danny Robins with multi-BAFTA award-nominated games performance director Hannah Price.

Video courtesy from The Gunpowder Plot.

Check out the exciting trailer and visit The Gunpowder Plot website to find out more and book tickets, which are from £40 per person for standard tickets (VIP also offered) and they are currently booking until the 31 March 2023.

But hurry, when writing this I could see lots of dates well in 2023 are already sold out, which comes to no surprise give the quality of this experience.

A couple things to mind before you book: agers are 12+ and you have to go down stairs, crouch through a relatively small space so not suitable for those with limited mobility, unfortunately. Check their site and FAQs for more info.

This post is about an experience I attended as an invitation, with no obligation to post. Opinions are, as usual, honest and my own.

Enter the Upside Down at Stranger Things – The Experience

Fancy yourself as an 80s child? Geek out on arcade video games? Long for leg warmers? Cannot help but dance to those synth-y tunes? None of those (of all of those) but LOVE Netflix’s Stranger Things? Homebodies, you’re in for a treat.

At Stranger Things – The Experience in London, (and also Atlanta and SanFran), you can be part of a brand new story line developed by the show’s creators, especially for this immersive adventure.

You, yes, YOU, can help the gang to once again, save Hawkins. And get yourself a fantastic day out to boot.

Scene at the #StrangerThingsExperience
Picture courtesy of Stranger Things – The Experience

Take it to the lab for an interactive quest with actors performing various roles guiding the audience through the experience. Live acting is combined with the show cast’s virtual participation (Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max and Will, amongst other very recognisable characters) to make the experience closer to the series.

The lab offered a fun story line, really cool special effects and a good level audience participation. The production is really fantastic and very well put together, with elements of surprise. It lasts just under an hour and it’s packed full of action – a lot of fun.

Recording is not permitted within the lab!

The Mixed Tape area is then a free-roaming areas – spend as much as you wish listening to 80s tunes and explore some of the series hangouts. Plus grab that chance to take as many pictures and videos as you’d like.

Arcade at the #StrangerThingsExperience
Picture courtesy of Stranger Things – The Experience

Head to Scoops Ahoy and Surfer Boy Pizza for some snacks, The Upside for yummy themed cocktails, the Arcade for some retro video games and to the video rental shop, Rink-O-Mania or the Hellfire Club areas for exclusive merchandise. I’ll warn you, the merch is great!

There are also many photo opportunities: be part of Joyce’s sitting room (so realistic), phone booths and a close encounter with Vecna to mention a few!

Prices for the experience are from £41 for adults and £31 for youths (13+), and will vary according to the time and day of the week. Group bundles are available.

You can also get VIP tickets (from £64/adult) which gets you a lanyard for queue jump, a drink from The Upside and a special gift – we got the cutest Dustin bluetooth mini speaker in a branded tote bag.

Bag, VIP lanyard and the cutest bluetooth speaker, exclusive to the VIP experience

We attended a Saturday, with VIP tickets and the value was £99/adult. General admission was £62. Overall, we thought the extra £27 for VIP was worth it for us as alcoholic drinks are £12.

Overall, I feel the price is fair for what you get.

Stranger Things – The Experience has great review all around, so I am just adding to the lot, and seems to be very popular, as a quick look on their booking calendar will show.

It opened in August and currently, slots are bookable till early December. It is located in NW London (opposite Brent Cross shopping centre) and although I live in East London, it wasn’t hard to get to on public transport. The Jubilee line took me close enough, then a short bus ride got us almost to the door in about an hour.

For all info, visit the Stranger Things – The Experience website where you can read more about it and of course, book tickets to be part of the adventure.

This is a review from an experience that was gifted through PR invitation, with no obligation to post. Opinions are honest and my own – I did have a great time!

Quin-TEA-ssentially British – Afternoon tea at The Guardsman Hotel

Press image of the champagne afternoon cake at The Guardsman Hotel, London
A royal spread for tea at The Guardsman Hotel

Ok, not many things are more British than afternoon tea. Little finger sandwiches and cakes, scones and warm, aromatic tea? Count me in.

Recently I was invited to taste the afternoon tea at The Guardsman hotel in London, which is a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace (6 minutes walking, to be precise), so the perfect spot for a tea break from touristing, even for a London resident.

Dani holds a glass of champagne and reads the menu
Sipping champagne and perusing the menu @ The Guardsman Hotel

We started with a glass of Perrier-Jouët champagne and the beautiful Royal Parks themed afternoon tea that followed really lived up to the pretty pictures – and surpassed my high expectations.

On the menu, the savoury side presented itself as well served finger sandwiches: Burford brown egg mimosa, rocket, mayonnaise and turmeric loaf, Goldstein Scottish salmon with cream cheese and lemon butter (which is so tasty) on sourdough, roast beef with cream of horseradish and watercress on a tomato loaf and truffled chicken mayonnaise on a tin loaf (I asked for seconds of this one, it was scrumptious!)

Charming pastries galore: a feast for the eyes and tastebuds.

The Black Rose, a rich chocolate ganache with black cherry compôte (a la black forest) was the biggest surprise as chocolate deserts are usually not my favourites but the lightness of the delicious ganache with the tartness of the cherry really did it for me.

A two tier cake stand with sandwiches at the bottom and colourful pastries at the top.

The Raspberry Posy, a cream tart with fresh raspberry, pistachio and chantilly was also delightful and not too sweet, how I like my deserts.

Flower Pot is a carrot cake with orange cream top, and carrot cake being my fave, there was no way I wouldn’t love it.

Dani holds a glass of champagne and stares lovingly at a two tier cake stand with sandwiches and pastries.
Enamoured with pastries @ The Guardsman Hotel

Finally, the cutest Toadstool. The delicate strawberry, yoghurt mousse (the red cup) was so tasty and light, although I did find the lemon sponge slightly on the sweet side for my liking – maybe it was the white chocolate casing!

Because we have no chill and were having a great time, we ordered a bottle of Perrier Jouet (£80) which washed the afternoon tea too well.

The service deserves a full article, let me tell you. If you visit the hotel’s site, you’ll notice they go on about the service as a boutique hotel with members’ club feels and it’s not just verbatim: the service was indeed second to none. Very friendly and personal, but extremely professional, attentive and caring.

I feel I must mention the lovely Svetlin who went well above and beyond for our visit and the lovely waitress (I didn’t get her name, bad Dani!) who was just perfect.

In fact, every single member of staff I interacted with on the day were nothing short from perfect. Thank you!

Our tea was served in the main Dining Room but you can also have it on the Drawing Room or the Library, all beautiful, that also makes the experience more accessible. I’d definitely give the Library a go!

The Guardsman has a very discreet exterior. The have over 50 rooms and some residential apartments for rent, with terrace. In Central London, that’s gold dust.

Dani sits on a grey velvet sofa, with scattered cushions, there is a golden globe behind her, a painting on the wall.
Library chic @ The Guardsman Hotel

The restaurant, previously only for guests, is now open to the public on a pre-booked basis (just email:, for breakfast, all-day dining and of course, delicious afternoon tea.

The Guardsman Hotel is extremely well located

The Guardsman’s Afternoon Tea is priced at £45 pp, inclusive of a glass of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut champagne, served Wednesday to Sunday from midday to 5pm. They also offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan versions of the tea, which is a great plus.

The Guardsman Hotel is locate at 1 Vandon Street, SW1H 0AH and you can find all info on the afternoon tea, as well as hotel bookings (it’s GORGEOUS!) on their website.

You can also check out my Insta reel or Tik Tok on the experience!

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: I was invited to afternoon tea at The Guardsman, with no obligation to promote. 
Opinions are honest and my own, based on what I experienced on the day.

Skincare: probiotic power as seasons change

Probiotics are part of my daily life, but I had never used on my skin. Don’t you just love when you try skincare with an ingredient you never used before for the very first time? This is how I felt since I started using the Liz Earle Pro-Biotic Balancing range (aff link).

Extremely gentle to the skin and fragrance-free, the Balancing Milk Cleanser, Day and Night Cream are perfect for sensitive, reactive and dry skins.

The range contains pre, pro and post-biotic natural ingredients to hydrate as well as boost and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. What does this means? Even the most sensitive of skins looks and feels more balanced, clearer, healthier and comfortable.

I found this range is perfect for this time of the year, when weather changes often bring chaos to most skin types, especially sensitive. In my case, the cold, wind and central heating combined to my acne medication mean I can have flaky and sore skin and this range has really helped me.

The main ingredients across the range are chicory, a pre-biotic with skin soothing properties, jojoba oil, a non-clogging, glow promoting oil, one of the most compatible with skin, lunaria oil, nourishing and hydrating, super rich in fatty oils and fermented oats, which create a unique strain of lactobacillus. This particular oat is also super rich in a fibre known to support soothing and improvements on skin appearance.

Biggest surprise? The Pro-Biotic Balancing Milk Cleanser. If you have followed me for a while, you’ll know I love a foamy cleanser and shy away from the milky ones.

Admiteldy, I was ready not to like this one but for my surprise, I love it. It gently cleans the skin without stripping its natural oils and defense barrier and leaves it feeling so soft and comfortable, it has become a morning ritual for me. My boyfriend, who has really sensitive skin tried it and loves it too!

The Pro-Biotic Balancing Day Cream has a firm but fluid consistency. Applies and absorbs extremely well, protecting and re-balacing skin throughout the day, boosting its moisture and maintaining comfort.

The Pro-Biotic Balancing Night Cream is a delightful, richer consistency cream that also applies and absorbs very well. Overnight, it really feels like it soothes, nourishes replenishes skin, which wakes up to soft and supple.

Overall, a winning trio – a brilliant and caring range from Liz Earle, which is no surprise, given how lovely all their products are.

They are also dermatologically tested, suitable for vegans, tubes are 55% recycled, products are made with sustainably sourced naturally active ingredients with Gold level traceability and they are cruelty free (leading bunny certified and all).

The Milk Cleanser (100ml) costs £18 and the Day and Night Creams (50ml), £32 each. At the moment they have 25% off the individual products in the range. And you can get the trio for £57.40, a saving of £24.60 (30%).

With free delivery on orders over £30 (UK) what are you waiting for? You can get the the Liz Earle Pro-Biotic Balancing products on their website (aff link).

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains AFFILLIATE LINKS, as stated by links. It also contains GIFTED samples, as all products were sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to post. Opinions are honest and my own, based on using the products continuously for at 2 weeks.

Skincare: always seeking more glow

My skincare journey has been largely documented across the blog. I moved away from the very aggressive acne treatments to seek radiance, glow and suppleness.

In my quest, I have come across Germaine de Capuccini, first at a hotel I stayed in Ibiza, then trying their amazing Timexpert Radiance C+ range, which contains one of my favourite ingredients, vitamin C.

The treatment box contains their Pure C10 concentrate serum, the Illuminating Antioxidant Face Cream and the Illuminating Antioxidant Eye Contour Cream which contain antioxidant, luminosity boosting and dark spot correction properties.

This came at the right time: shifting my skincare regime from the warmer to the colder months is always a challenge, especially when you have problematic skin. The wind is brutal and it is very important extra nourishment and restoration is given.

The Pure C10 serum is a little gem: you get three fancy “ampoules” to mix the powder with medium, and is recommended that you use as often as you feel your skin needs – I’ve been applying 4-5 drops to my face before any other products once a day as it is season change, but intend to move to twice a week, providing my stress levels don’t increase. It’s quite fluid and absorbs quickly.

It has a beautiful mix of ingredients that support radiance, firmness and even tone: vitamin C (10%), E (1%), ferulic acid (0.5%) which really boost skin glow and energy. Their patented HLG polymer act as a multiplier of the ingredients’ properties, helping ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.

As I age, I am learning how to really appreciate a luscious face cream, and that’s exactly what the Illuminating Antioxidant Face Cream is. Its texture is divine, it applies and absorbs really well and after 3+ weeks using it daily, I feel my skin in brighter and suppler in its hydration. I’ve been using it at night, before bed, on face and neck.

It contains vitamins C and E plus HLG polymer, to support ageing prevention – think fighting dullness, evening skin tone properties. It also comes as Emulsion for oilier skin types.

Finally you all know how much I love a good eye cream, this one does not disappoint. Medium in texture, it is ophtalmologist-tested and applies very well. And with the same ingredients as the face cream, it also harnesses their revitalising good: more even tone, reduced sign of fatigue and smoothing of fine lines.

Germaine de Capuccini is the number one brand among skincare professionals in Spain and is present in over 80 countries, including the UK. It has one of the most advance R+D+I labs in Europe, working innovative raw materials to create prestigious, efficient and innovative formulas on their products.

Its founder Carmen Vidal created the brand, which would become a cosmetics empire, in 1964. Today, the company, which has at its core the values of professionalism, innovation and social commitment, have a team with over 80% women.

In the UK, you can get their face and body treatments in luxurious spas, such as The Landmark, London. And you can get their products, which are grouped in 18 (!!!) ranges, to continue that spa treatment at home.

The Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Radiance C+ (affiliate) box comes with 3 Pure C10 concentrates (10ml each), the Illuminating Antioxidant Face Cream (50ml) and the Illuminating Antioxidant Eye Contour Cream (15ml) and costs £135.75, a huge saving from buying them separately (£193.85).

Of course you can get them separately on the site, as well as the browse their full range, for face and body and of course, look up their amazing spa treatments.

And this is a great time to go take a look on the site, as I hear they’ll have a great Black Friday offer running this week!

I could not agree with Carmen more when she says “Beauty is strength, it is charm; most of all, it is a personal attitude, a spiritual quality.”

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples as products were sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to post Opinions are honest and my own, based on using the products continuously for 4 weeks.

Sparkling Harlot: but what really is in a name?

By the name itself, I was intrigued. When I read the “Refuse to conform”, I was sold. Plus it is sparkling wine so surely Harlot could not go much wrong in my books.

Not many sentences, or set of (add to the non-conforming one “unapologetically different”) could make this English sparkling closer to my heart, even though they did cause quite a lot of controversy in the English wine industry: the name, the method, the brand…

However, I am a drink, not a wine expert, so as no one asked, here are my views and some facts – because you know I love the facts..

Harlot comes in two versions: Harlot Brut NV Charmat of England and Harlot Rosé Brut NV Charmat of England. I was lucky enough to try both at their launch even in London.

The Brut is in taste, what I’d place between prosecco and champagne – less sweet that prosecco, but closer to it then it is to the drier champagne, which is my first drink of choice (my pocket often disagrees). It has elderflower, pears and apricots aromas and flavours.

The Rosé Brut is a solid sparkling rosé, fruity, but not overly sweet. The contact with the Pinot Noir skin makes it pink. Cute.

Grapes on both are Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chadornnay and they have gentle, playful and plentiful bubbles, are 12.5% abv and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

They also market themselves as “bubbles that want to have fun” and go great with cocktails. The proof was in the pudding drink at the event where I tried it all Unapologetically different (cognac based, fruity), Harlotini (gin and strawberry) and Some bubbles just want to have fun (a sparkling fruit punch) cocktails and they were delicious. Versatility box: tick! Recipes can be found on their website.

I quite like the brand’s irreverence. It has a riskè name (go on, look it up) but it is not scared of that. It sells a playful, out of the mould image and I am here for it. I have been called names in the past and embracing it (and maybe sticking a big finger up) was the best thing I could do.

In my natural habitat: drowning in bubbles. Yum.

It does help that their loud packaging is just there in your face and I don’t have a problem with it. Of course, IT’S WINE, sparkles, tastes good, so I am in!

Harlot is a charmat, which refers to its method of carbonation (bubbling, for you and me): a sparkling winemaking process that traps bubbles in wine via carbonation in large steel tanks. They are looking to revolutionise the English wine industry with the ambition of being the biggest national producer by 2025, from their Kent vineyards.

MDCV UK’s expertise, however, has a longer tradition, both in the UK and France, with known names such as Chateau de Berne, Ultimate Provence and Sussex-based Kingscote. They are also passionate about the quality of their product and sustainability, managing their vineyards organically always seeking to use methods that minimise environmental impact.

Currently mainly available to trade, Harlot is making its way into restaurants as an alternative to prosecco. Has bottomless brunch written all over it.

It can also be purchased from The Wine Caverns for £16 a bottle (affiliate link) (750ml) with cases of 6 or 12 with a 15% discount.

Would you be open to an alternative to prosecco? Let me know your thoughts!

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: I was invited to an even to sample the product for free, with no obligation to post. Opinions (and taste buds) are honest and my own.

The one skincare step that reduced my melasma

Ok, sounds like a clickbait headline, but it is true: there is one consistent action that pretty much vanished melasma from my face.

For the record, mine was never that bad. Low level, it was always there, on the edges of my eyebrows, patches on forehead and around the bottom of the eyes.

During the warmer months or a nice holiday, the pigmentation would become very visible, and harder to hide with usual make up.

They’d fade in the colder months but always be there. For my already acne scarred face, that was yet another reminder of my terrible skin and I wasn’t quite sure why.

If my make up had SPF and I was wearing 30+ on holidays, with frequent application, why was it still there???

Once I read that the light from laptops and electronic devices also cause ageing and all made sense.

I started wearing “real” SPF 30+ and not make up or skincare with added SPF, which usually are low 10-15, even on the days I wasn’t leaving the house, my hormonal pigmentation vanished, and never returned.

It became a fixed step in my morning routine, regardless of the exposure I was expecting for that day, or time of the year.

While I appreciate some cases are more severe than mine, this was life changing in my skincare routine.

I’m constantly trialling different ones as sunscreen can cause even more havoc to my acneic, sensitive skin.

So far I’ve been very impressed with Skinceauticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50, Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50 (also available with a light tint), Image Skincare Prevention+ SPF32+, (surprisingly) Nivea Cellular Luminous anti dark spot day fluid SPF50, Sunsense daily face invisible tint finish SPF 50+, Garnier Ambre Solaire Over makeup Super UV SPF50, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL tinted fluid SPF50+, Piz Buin Mountain Suncream SPF50+ (great for the winter) and a few more gems I encountered since I adopted the new habit.

Next on my list to try? SOS Serum SPF 30 and 50 and the Bioderma Photoderm Anti Melasma tinted SPF50+ both great value for money at under £20. What’s not to love?

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains some mentions to PR samples as products were sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to post, but the majority were purchased with my own money. Opinions are honest and my own.

The beauty of boreal algae (AD/PR)

Polåar Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir and Body Milk

Ok, let me start explaining the title: for a few weeks now I have been using the gorgeous Polaar Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir and indeed it is a beaut. It’s main ingredient? Boreal algae.

Polåar Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir dripping from pipette

The oil is very light and applies really well to the skin, sinking in in seconds and leaving no greasy feeling. It smells divine (I mean, DIVINE) and after using for 3-4 weeks my skin has felt consistently hydrated and plump in the morning. A real gem.

Polåar Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir back of bottle

It’s main ingredient is boreal algae (Rhodhiménia Boréalia) which is rich in nocturnal cell regeneration booster phyto-melatonin. This enzyme is similar to melatonin, a hormone secreted at night by the brain, which activates all the biological mechanisms that cause cell regeneration at night.

It also contains another regeneration supporting ingredient, organic criste marine bio which contains minerals that also help feed the skin, and organic red micro-algae which’s beta carotene and fatty acids help protect skin moisture and restore suppleness. The ingredients are 99% natural.

All that in a mostly recyclable, simple but lovely packaging – glass and paper box.

Polåar Polar Night Moisturizing Body Milk

I have also been using the Polaar Night Moisturizing Body Milk and what a delight it is. It feels so silky on the skin and body feels amazing upon application and in the morning, with lasting hydration. It is 98% natural.

Polåar Polar Night Moisturizing Body Milk back of package

Polaar is a lovely brand with a beautiful Arctic exploration story to boot, so well worth checking them out. Their passion for pure, exclusive ingredients and protecting the environment those come from is really second to none.

They have a fabulous range of products covering many skin needs and concerns. I really like their Lapland cream range with Arctic berries – it is so beautiful on the skin, a light and supple thirst quencher suitable for sensitive skin. Currently in a great value Polaar Lapaland set Christmas cofret, hurry, it’s £45 but you get £66 worth of products!

It is not my first time trying Polaar: I am a MASSIVE fan of their best-selling Icy Magic range. The eye cream and patches are truly amazing!

Dermatologically tested, all natural ingredients, with no parabens, alcohol, phenoxyethanol or mineral oil, vegan, cruelty free and made in France, it’s available in the UK via Look Fantastic with free delivery over £25: the Revitalizing Elixir costs £39 (30ml) and the Body Milk £32 for 200ml.

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples as products were sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to post. Opinions are honest and my own.

On sleep and relaxation

Pukka Night Time tea
AD/PR post

I am a hyper person. If you do know me, that is not a revelation. I find quite hard to relax, to stop, to breathe. Anxiety, my old friend, feeds off it, and vice versa.

Sleep however, was never a problem for me. I never needed loads of it, and rarely struggled to sleep.

Recently though, with the new waves of worry brought by COVID-19 and lockdown I found myself struggling to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to sleep again and/or just having terrible quality, disturbed sleep. And feeling exhausted.

Pukka Night Time Tea

I then reached for a few aids to help me sleep better and Pukka teas, a variety of which are regular in my cupboard, came in very handy.

I had been a fan of Night Time for quite a while so it was no effort to say yes to a couple more boxes sent in. Night Time contains oat flower, licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower, lime flower, valerian root, tulsi leaf to help you unwind, settle and enjoy a moment of calm before bed.

Its taste is quite delicate, with the liquorice, a flavour that is definitely not my favourite, being quite subdued. I usually drink it half an hour before bed as part of my settling down routine.

And they have a really nice 7-day Sleep with Ease programme to help us create a sleep space, pattern and routine naturally, with a digital diary to document the journey to better sleep.

Pukka Love tea

The programme touches on usual suspects like avoiding distractions blue light from electronic devices before bed (which was and is my main struggle!), avoid caffeine (THE biggest struggle), meditation and relaxation techniques applied during the day to steps we may take for granted: create a relaxing sleeping environment and surroundings, a sleep schedule and a post sleep routine – especially when we are have our usual work routines disrupted by the pandemic. For me, that was really important.

And of course, introduce relaxing natural ingredients like the ones in Night Time: valerian acts like a natural sedative, with lavender, oat, chamomile and lime flowers acting as soothing, calming and grounding ingredients.

Pukka teas, a relaxing selection

I must admit that after a little while my sleep pattern was almost back to its optimum.

If you want to follow the tips, go to the Pukka website to access all the free Sleep with Ease resources they made available to help you get better sleep.

Pukka teas are widely available at the best supermarkets and retailers, RRP £2.80 for 20 bags of Night Time.

And they have a fantastic selection of high quality organic blends for all tastes and needs – look how pretty and delicious – trust me – they are! A delight!

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples as products were sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to post. Opinions are honest and my own.