A brilliantly explosive experience: The Gunpowder plot

How about you spend two hours in vaults under London’s Tower Bridge to help foil the explosive plot of 5th November 1605?

Sounds amazing, right? That’s exactly what The GunPowder Plot brings you.

You get plunged bang in the middle of Guy Fawkes’ conspiracy, interacting with the most amazing live actors and virtual reality to help save the Houses of Parliament from exploding.

I do love immersive experiences and I must say The Gunpowder Plot is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Before I go on I;ll highlight I highly recommend this one.

Let’s start with the setting – extremely elaborate across 3 floors at the Vaults by the Tower of London and London Bridge, the venue really drags you into the story line.

The whole journey takes place at a space styled very realistically, made to look and smell as if you are there. Extra points for the great special effects.

A male actor wearing a black cape crouches by a small door on the floor.
Image courtesy from The Gunpowder Plot.

The actors are fantastic and their interaction with the crowd very natural and extremely engaging to get you to complete your mission in an action packed quest.

Plus you really feel comfortable to interact with them as much or as little as you wish throughout the experience.

Tom Felton stars (virtually) as Guy Fawkes.

Now, the virtual reality parts… Oh the VR parts. EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD. Of course no spoilers but damn, it was good. Every single bit of it. It really elevated the experience.

Visitors sit in swing chairs wearing VR headsheats
Image courtesy from The Gunpowder Plot.

You really feel you are in London 1605 helping save the city and its people from a dreadful fate. And I love the mix of very old – the story, the set, the styling – and new – all the tech used across the show and how it blends seamlessly together.

I also loved the historical “corrections’ to the experience storyline and clarifications at the very end. Gives you a full view of the real plot and actors, relating it to the experience you’ve just been through.

Halfway and at the end you have a change to grab a beverage or two. In the interval pub, the Duck and Drake, where you “plan” your next moves, you can grab a drink and take some pictures, while photography/filming is forbidden through the experience, of course.

At the first (and last) bar, you can order (and pre-order) from a list of thematic cocktails (I had the Toffee Apple and my partner the Dark and Smoky) and also food, making this experience even more complete. A real day out!

Also worth nothing is the fantastic creative team behind the experience, which include Olivier nominee writer Danny Robins with multi-BAFTA award-nominated games performance director Hannah Price.

Video courtesy from The Gunpowder Plot.

Check out the exciting trailer and visit The Gunpowder Plot website to find out more and book tickets, which are from £40 per person for standard tickets (VIP also offered) and they are currently booking until the 31 March 2023.

But hurry, when writing this I could see lots of dates well in 2023 are already sold out, which comes to no surprise give the quality of this experience.

A couple things to mind before you book: agers are 12+ and you have to go down stairs, crouch through a relatively small space so not suitable for those with limited mobility, unfortunately. Check their site and FAQs for more info.

This post is about an experience I attended as an invitation, with no obligation to post. Opinions are, as usual, honest and my own.

Enter the Upside Down at Stranger Things – The Experience

Fancy yourself as an 80s child? Geek out on arcade video games? Long for leg warmers? Cannot help but dance to those synth-y tunes? None of those (of all of those) but LOVE Netflix’s Stranger Things? Homebodies, you’re in for a treat.

At Stranger Things – The Experience in London, (and also Atlanta and SanFran), you can be part of a brand new story line developed by the show’s creators, especially for this immersive adventure.

You, yes, YOU, can help the gang to once again, save Hawkins. And get yourself a fantastic day out to boot.

Scene at the #StrangerThingsExperience
Picture courtesy of Stranger Things – The Experience

Take it to the lab for an interactive quest with actors performing various roles guiding the audience through the experience. Live acting is combined with the show cast’s virtual participation (Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max and Will, amongst other very recognisable characters) to make the experience closer to the series.

The lab offered a fun story line, really cool special effects and a good level audience participation. The production is really fantastic and very well put together, with elements of surprise. It lasts just under an hour and it’s packed full of action – a lot of fun.

Recording is not permitted within the lab!

The Mixed Tape area is then a free-roaming areas – spend as much as you wish listening to 80s tunes and explore some of the series hangouts. Plus grab that chance to take as many pictures and videos as you’d like.

Arcade at the #StrangerThingsExperience
Picture courtesy of Stranger Things – The Experience

Head to Scoops Ahoy and Surfer Boy Pizza for some snacks, The Upside for yummy themed cocktails, the Arcade for some retro video games and to the video rental shop, Rink-O-Mania or the Hellfire Club areas for exclusive merchandise. I’ll warn you, the merch is great!

There are also many photo opportunities: be part of Joyce’s sitting room (so realistic), phone booths and a close encounter with Vecna to mention a few!

Prices for the experience are from £41 for adults and £31 for youths (13+), and will vary according to the time and day of the week. Group bundles are available.

You can also get VIP tickets (from £64/adult) which gets you a lanyard for queue jump, a drink from The Upside and a special gift – we got the cutest Dustin bluetooth mini speaker in a branded tote bag.

Bag, VIP lanyard and the cutest bluetooth speaker, exclusive to the VIP experience

We attended a Saturday, with VIP tickets and the value was £99/adult. General admission was £62. Overall, we thought the extra £27 for VIP was worth it for us as alcoholic drinks are £12.

Overall, I feel the price is fair for what you get.

Stranger Things – The Experience has great review all around, so I am just adding to the lot, and seems to be very popular, as a quick look on their booking calendar will show.

It opened in August and currently, slots are bookable till early December. It is located in NW London (opposite Brent Cross shopping centre) and although I live in East London, it wasn’t hard to get to on public transport. The Jubilee line took me close enough, then a short bus ride got us almost to the door in about an hour.

For all info, visit the Stranger Things – The Experience website where you can read more about it and of course, book tickets to be part of the adventure.

This is a review from an experience that was gifted through PR invitation, with no obligation to post. Opinions are honest and my own – I did have a great time!

Summer is calling!

Somerset House is a special place in London – not just for me, I am sure. The art, the fashion, the fountains. There’s nothing not to be in awe of.

I used to work around the corner and the terrace comes alive in the warmer seasons and this year, San Miguel is (beautifully) owning the space, putting a gorgeous Spanish laid back twist to it. 

Obviously San Miguel beer is widely available, but not only as we know it: they have a selection of 10 different beers, which include special edition varieties, with varying strengths and using hops from around the world, as well as gluten and alcohol free versions.

Brave enough for a Dorchester? Its ABV is 9.1%!

Food is a ace, as in any Spanish affair: tapas such as albondigas, tortillas and padron peppers, as well as sharing platters and delicious wood fired flatbreads to be washed down with the beer selection, or the very interesting beer cocktails.

Sceptical as I am, I was somewhat besotted with Piscolinho (£10.25), which contains pisco, cointreau, agave syrup, lime and San Miguel Especial. 

And the decor? Well… think Spanish veranda: white washed, pink flowers in abundance, a swing (very insta worthy!). 

The Somerset House x San Miguel terrace is open throughout the spring and summer until September.

Well worth a visit, as well as the place it sits in, when strolling through the capital.

You can check all the details on the Somerset House website (and make group bookings). I recommend you check their menu – you won’t be able to resist!

A beautiful setting with fantastic food and drinks – what a way to spend a (hopefully) balmy summer evening or a scorching afternoon!

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: I was invited to the terrace opening, so it was a PR experience. This review, however, is based on my honest opinion.