Nails of the week – metallic brown

Anna Hickmann in Trend - metallic brownThis week I am wearing a nail varnish called Trend, another one from Ana Hickmann’s Star Collection,  which is brown with some gold, and the occasional reddish and green glitter.

I must admit I am a bit disappointed, I thought the red and green would come through more; as it stands, it only shows sometimes. It seemed amazing in the bottle in Brazil; maybe it is the sun, but here his polish didn’t do that much for me.

Anna Hickmann in Trend - metallic brownDon’t get me wrong, it is very a very pretty brown with shimmery gold, but it is not stunning – by that I mean with a multi-faceted colour, which I am loving at the moment, and expected from this polish.

Application was even, the first coat was a bit thin, but it looked good with the second coat. The finish wasn’t as glossy as I was expecting, and there was a slight texture, but a extra-shine topcoat smoothed things perfectly. Durability is average, there was a tiny chip after three days.

Overall, a nice shade, quite neutral and very pretty sometimes, but didn’t blow me away.

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