Nails of the week – dark with glitter flakes

Resisting is not my forte – and I couldn’t when  saw W7 Jupiter, from their Planets collection, for £1.50 in a stall in my local market. I had to pick it up.

Have to admit I wasn’t very impressed with the effect; in the bottle, it is so colour changing that really looks like it could be something out of this planet, of curse, the Venus surface. But it wasn’t. In fact, it was just a metallic brown with a pink or blue shimmer at times.

Anyway, it served perfectly as base for a glitter flakes topcoat I wore before – Glow, by Ana Hickmann. Seriously, I wore it over red and the effect was beautiful, but over this brownish colour, it was just stunning. Golden, orange, red, to green, as it caught light; the colours and texture of this effect was formidable. I started with just the tips, as I wanted a dipped effect, but it was so lovely I decided to cover the whole nail. It did look a bit gradual, as the tips had more layers of glitter. Loved it!

Application was great for both. Two coats of the W7 polish provide a good coverage. Durability was also ace, even with the many coats I used there wasn’t a single chip in sight after a week.


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