My 2012 beauty revelation

Yes, you read it right. It is 2012. I know, it is indeed a bit too late for this kind of post, I am still getting back to my blogging saddle after the holidays (yeah, maybe I am a bit lazy).

I use many beauty and make-up products on a daily basis. Foundation, eye shadow, mascara, face wash and moisturiser are staples I cannot think about living without.

However, I get really excited when I get a new product, something completely different that works for me. So for 2012 I have two highlights: face serum and pre-cleanse oil.

credit maccosmeticsI will start with the serum. This thing goes on your face before your primer. Yes, before. And there was me, at some point, thinking foundation was the first thing. Then something before the foundation came into my life – the primer – and that was a game changer. Now, there is something before the primer (I thought the clue was on the name, but no. My primer shall be renamed “seconder”). Jokes aside, I really enjoy using the serum: it kinda prepares and protects your skin to receive all the rest. It is refreshing and light. And mine is also brightening. I have been using the MAC Prep+Prime Skin Brightening serum since July last year and love it. One little bottle lasted me all this time – I just purchased another one in January 2013. You can read my full review here.

image credit: dermalogicaNow, a true revelation was the  pre-cleanse. Seriously, I keep adding layers of complication to my beauty routines, and the trend for ’12 was to introduce steps in preparation… What really surprised me about it is this is an oil. Yes, oil. I never, ever in a zillion years considered slapping oil in my more than problematic skin. Oil. On acne skin. No. That shows I’ve suffered from this for too long, Technology is an amazing thing and it was love at first rub. I put it on my face and was sold. Applied to dry skin, it melts make-up with no need for vigorous rubbing or repeated washing, Those of you out there with sensitive (and often irritated skin by acne products, acne itself and other delights), know how much a difference no rubbing to remove heavy make up makes. Gentle circular motions sees all the slap coming off. Miracle. Delicate rubbing on the lashes removes most of mascara and liner, cutting the eye make up remover job in half at least. As it warms into the skin, you can almost feel it sinking in and removing the grub.

Once I am done massaging it in (and have grey, red and skin colour patches of molten make up all over my face), I wash it off with water and it turns into a milky consistency, washing away easily, not sticking as oil to your face. Trust me. I was scared I’d throw water in it and it would just slip away. That wasn’t the case.  I then proceed to use my normal face wash and the work is quick and effortless. I use Dermalogica precleanse and love it – a bottle goes a long way, bought in September and it is probably still halfway. I use it, on average, 4 times a week.

So there you have it – those two were my best beauty discoveries of 2012. What are yours?

Let me know what you think:

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