Exclusive interview: Kimberly Wyatt launches Beautiful Movements Cosmetics at Holland & Barrett

Kimberly Wyatt's Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - somanylovelythings

Gorgeous Kimberly shows off her make-up range

We all know Kimberly Wyatt – the blonde bombshell from the Pussycat Dolls and a star judge on Sky1’s Got to Dance programme. What we didn’t know (well, at least I didn’t know) is that Kimberly has a lovely make up range called Beautiful Movements Cosmetics, launching in June at Holland & Barrett.

The mineral make-up line, which consists of foundations, concealers, eye shadows, lip colours and blushers, is as pretty as it is good – it is free from parabens, animal products, synthetic dyes, fragrances and other chemicals usually present in cosmetics. To make it even better, it is cruelty free, not tested on animals, vegetarian friendly and approved by PETA and BUAV (that is the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection).

Kimberly Wyatt's Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - somanylovelythings

Mixing medium, foundation, lipgloss in cherry bomb and eyeshadow in aquatic

My very first impression was that, even though the line is mineral, it does not carry that dullness of mineral products already on the market (come on, you know what I mean!). On the contrary – and it is not just because Kimberly’s face adds that extra glamorous touch, it is also because of their fabulously vivid colours. Of course, the basic, nude colours are also present in the collection.

Before talking to Kimberly herself, I spoke to her business partner, Laura McCosmiskie, who is also responsible for skincare range Love the Planet. She told me BM Cosmetics have been selling online for more than 2 years, but they wanted to make sure the products delivered what they wanted, before hitting the streets. Plus, people really needed to physically try them, especially foundations. She highlighted that make up that is kind to the environment and the skin is paramount, as she suffers (like me and many others) from problematic skin and Holland & Barrett, being the health haven it is, seemed to be a natural stockist for the range. Her favourite product from is the Dewy Perfection finishing powder, a light diffusing powder that gives the complexion a soft focus effect! Nice!

Now, tell me….

During my short, but perfectly formed exclusive interview, Kimberly told me that she decided to venture into make-up because has always been a massive fan of make-up and loves the “artistic, creative side of creating a flawless face”. As she became more aware of what ingredients products contained, she found a big passion in wanting to make positive changes, not only as a consumer, but as a business. She describes the project as the perfect blend between a passion and wanting to make that positive change.

Kimberly Wyatt's Beautiful Movements Cosmetics and Dani Dutra from somanylovelythings

There are 37 products in the range. Look at all those colours!

Do I look pretty?

When asked about her favourite beauty look, she quickly replied natural, earthy tones for day with colourful lips, and darker eyes, with a more natural looking lip colour for the night – mentioning the range offers products to create both looks. She looked very natural on the day, wearing black eye liner with a flick. Very smiley and attentive, she came across as super nice and genuinely passionate about make-up, mentioning quite vivaciously how much she loves playing with make-up, the colours, the pigments and that natural make-up should not need to make sacrifices when it comes to those.

When asked about healthy habits, she said she tries to create as healthy lifestyle, and “beauty start from inside out, as cliche as it sounds”, praising fruit, vegetables and nuts in a healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as being aware about the “added extras” in products that we put in our skin. But we are all humans, and Kimberly, who is now based in London, confesses that her guilty pleasure is chocolate – actually, chocolate digestive biscuits!

Her fave product from the range is the silky Mixing Medium Prime & Create, which can be used alone, as a primer and also mixed with the powder, to create a cream consistency foundation, blusher or eyeshadow. Luckily, I got a sample which I have been using.

Kimberly Wyatt's Beautiful Movements Cosmetics and Dani Dutra from somanylovelythings

After the interview

Catch that light, accentuate that shadow

We finished with her telling us what her best beauty tip was: contouring. “Pay attention to the contours of your face and bring out the natural beauty using that”. Watch the shadows in your face and then use highlighter and darker shades to highlight and contour, enhancing what you already have. “Bring out your natural beauty, instead of creating a mask of make-up”. Well, I cannot disagree, that is a hell of a good tip, for more than one reason. Write it down ladies – this comes from someone who always looks good!

And to top the interview off I had to embarrass myself and ask for an autograph for my other half, who is a fan. Ah, boys….

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - somanylovelythings

The goodies I’ve been trying!

I took home a few goodies to try – and trying I have been! review will come very soon!

You can buy it from Holland & Barrett in June. If you cannot wait, head over to the Beautiful Movements website to browse the range and find out more about the brand.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive interview: Kimberly Wyatt launches Beautiful Movements Cosmetics at Holland & Barrett

      • I’ve just realised that in this Months GlossyBox, we got a Mixing medium from this line! I tried it straight away and OMG!!!!! It’s amazing.. I’ve used nothing like it before! I’m so excited to get a full size that I’m going to try and find where I can get it nearby to me!


      • Oh, yay!!! I heard something about them being in glossybox this month! Isn’t the texture lovely? I’ve been using it in different ways – tried as primer, them mixed with mineral foundation to create cream and today I applied the mixing medium as primer and applied the mineral foundation powder over! Fun! They will be selling in Holland & Barrett from next month, but if you go to http://www.beautifulmovementscosmetics.com/ you can buy from there! x


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