Current shoe obsession

Schutz shoes - somanylovelythingsSome shoes have recently entered my life recently and I have proclaimed my undying love to them….

Viviana clutch and Schutz shoes - somanylovelythings

This GORGEOUSLY sexy pair of black stilettos is from Brazilian brand Schutz’s Marching Orders line.

Viviana clutch and Schutz shoes - somanylovelythingsI absolutely love this brand, and have been a customer for a good 13 years now; every time I go back to Brazil, I by at least a pair. And I can’t get enough of this one, with its fierce point toes, tie up front and shiny, raven like animal hair! ❤

I may have been quite naughty and bought I little clutch bag to go with it. Just might… this one is from Viviana, in my home city of Campinas, SP, Brazil.

7 thoughts on “Current shoe obsession

    • Totally agree, glad others see that too! It was love at first sight… and I will let you in on a secret – I loved it so much and the sizing was really limited, so I *may* have bought it one size up, as I decided I couldn’t live without it… 😉 obsessed much?
      And when I got home with them, my mum loved it so much that we ordered the same for her online!

      Thanks for your comment and visit! x


    • Hi Nicole!
      Thanks, even thought they are from different shops, they were made for each other no?!
      The shoes are from Schutz, a Brazilian brand. I am pretty sure they ship abroad, but I don’t think they have them in stock anymore; they disappeared shortly after I bought.. Still, worth a look on their site, it’s from their marching orders collection! xxx


      • Thank you so much for getting back to me! Just a quick question: Do they run small or true to size? Trying to decide if i need to order up


      • Hey Nicole
        They are usually true to size. I am a UK size 4.5, Brazil doesn’t do half sizes, so I am usually a 35 there (UK 4), occasionally a 36 (UK 5). This one is 36, as they didn’t have 35 (yes, I loved it that much), and it is a tad big, but because it ties up, it doesn’t feel big at all. Hope it helps! They have the most amazing shoe selection, and the quality is great! All leather (upper, inner and sole)! Good luck!x


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