Thor-inspired Mojito shoes by Julian Hakes

Thor Mojito shoes by Julian Hakes

Designer and architect extraordinaire Julian Hakes is at it again – he created a version of his work of art Mojito shoes to mark the release of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World in the UK.

Describing his hand-carved shoe as what would be a very special and unique a gift from the Thor’s heart and made in Asgard for his companion Jane Foster, Hakes also said he “wanted to draw on some of the strong iconography of Thor and his character but in a subtle way which reflects the deeper, darker storyline and imagery of the film”.

He then created a Mojito shoe “as if it had been hammered by Thor, using Mjölnir, from a solid block of titanium or rock”.  And the result is quite something! I love the colour and texture and I can see clearly he managed to convey all the ideas that inspired him! 

I find it too cute that a superhero would gift their loved one with shoes. Well, he would certainly get it right if he managed squeeze in some shoe-hammering time between fighting the baddies.

If you are not getting yours from your superhero boyfriend, you can see and shop the whole Mojito shoes range for us, mortals, at the Julian Hakes website.

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