118 118 Beauty Pass brings “more gorgeousness” to our lives


118 118, the phone directory assistance service, is launching today, 15 December 2013,  a prettifying helping hand of a service called 118 118 Beauty Pass – a little card that gives us beauty lovers 50% discount in salons and spas around London.

The pass works on a membership basis, so you pay a fee of £79.99 to use the discounts for a whole year. For salon and spas regulars this is a great deal and only a few uses will make up for the membership fee, making the rest pure savings! They even have a little savings calculator so you can see how much you could save before signing up.

The pass is available at 118118beauty.com and can be used for hair, nails, body and face treatments at around 300 salons and spas in London, with many joining in everyday! It is very easy to subscribe via their website, where you can also find beauty tips and reviews.

What I would also love to see in this product would be small discount with beauty retailers too, so we can save on our beauty products as well as treatments… maybe one for the 118 188 Beauty team to think about *hint hint*.

Now, for me, this is a great idea – a no-brainer for those who use beauty services regularly, but also a little incentive to those that want to treat themselves more often! I have already subscribed!

And great news: until Valentine’s day 2014 they are offering a special price annual membership: for £29.99 only! Hurry to their Facebook page and @118118Beauty on Twitter to get the exclusive discount code and head to 118118beauty.com to sign up and start saving! 

This would make a great Christmas gift to any beauty babe!

The launch information was sent to me by 118118Beauty, but opinions (and suggestions) are my own.

Let me know what you think:

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