Brazilian beauty brand O Boticário gears up for World Cup


All eyes on Brazil – I noticed many beauty brands have launched lines inspired by Brazil in preparation for the World Cup. Under the tagline “Ours are the most beautiful supporters in the world” Brazilian Beauty and skincare giant O Boticário has taken it a step further, launching a whole line of products to be used not only to mark the event but also when cheering for Brazil during the World Cup.


The line is called Torcida Linda (Beautiful Supporters) and contains a perfume called Linda Brasil; a double-sided lipstick duo in green and yellow (of course) called Brasil em Festa (Party in Brazil), which can also be used on the face and body; a set of mini pencil liners, also called Brasil em Festa, in green, yellow, blue and white (the Brazilian flag colours) plus red that comes with patterns to help you draw the Brazilian flag; the Dream Team eyeshadow trio (green, yeallow and blue); hair chalks in green and yellow and a set of moisturisers called Cuide-se Bem, Brasilidade (in free translation, Take good care of yourself, Brazilian-ness) – each of the four moisturisers being one of the colours in Brazilian flag.


The line also has travel pouches, bags and a scarf, all very Brazilian in colour and pattern! I just miss some nail colours!

Now, that is what I call taking supporting your team to another level!


Let me know what you think:

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