Scrubbing it off: the Alpha H Micro Cleanse Exfoliator

alpha_h_micro_cleanse_exfoliator_review - 1This time of the year is tough on my skin. I usually keep a small arsenal of gentle exfoliating products, from peels and exfoliating toners to microdermabrasion devices but the extra dryness of my skin in the winter rules most of them out.

When I got my hands on the Alpha H Micro Cleanse Exfoliator scrub I was excited and worried in equal measures.

Would it be too strong?! It is a scrub and acid after all.

On the other hand, all the flakiness and dryness left my skin begging for a good exfoliation. I noticed my complexion was duller and makeup wasn’t performing.

The scrub has a medium grittiness to it, not being to harsh on the skin. I applied with soft circular moves, paying special attention to forehead, chin and nose.

I left it a minute after massaging in so the acid could get some extra action in the skin. There was a very mild tingling, like peppermint oil, and no redness.

alpha_h_micro_cleanse_exfoliator_review - 2I applied the soothing Dr. Jackson face oil immediately afterwards, followed by a serum.

I don’t think my face has ever felt that soft after a scrub. After only one application, the softness lasted and when I woke up in the morning, it was even better.

Skin looked clearer, more radiant and overall with better texture. Makeup sits well and the radiance seeps through.

I am now using it weekly, sometimes more often and I love it.

This scrub contains 12% glycolic acid, jojoba beads (which are eco-friendly), caffeine extract, cucumber extract and peppermint oil.

Acid scrub in the winter for this problem skin?! Yes. I can have my cake and eat it.

The Alpha H Micro Cleanse Exfoliator cost £26.50 and can be purchased from QVC.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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