A feast of very exotic shoes

Oh, Popeye!

I recently came across the Virtual Shoe Museum website, after receiving an email with lots of shoes from the designer Kobi Levi.

Showcasing material about art and design of shoes, the site has footwear craft and creativity abundantly splashed around.

With designs ranging from “different” to “completely insane”, the site contains heaps of information on designers, description of most concepts, and simply TONS of shoes (fear not, to wade through the vast amount of items, you can narrow your search by colour material, style and plenty more) and  I have to say, the photos are the best part of it, with many angles shown for many of the fantastic shoes. Well worth spending some time browsing through.

Most of shoes displayed are real works of art,  so push wearability, comfort and common sense aside, this is a true feast for the eyes of a shoe lover like myself.

Here are the Kobi Levi’s adorable pictures I received: