On lipstick and lipgloss

For many years of my life, my lip companion had been the lipgloss – my glossy addiction spanned for more than a decade, from completely clear to reddish hues, dabbling into the glittery ones.

My first encounter with a lipstick was when I was a child, not only would I wear it, on the lip and all over my face, but would also eat it, to my aunt’s despair.

Just as I remember!

Growing up, the thing to have back in the early 90’s was this green lipstick which would change colour to a weird translucent, dark red when applied. This would also stain your lips (and everywhere else you applied it to) for around 24 hours. And it was true, it did stick. The packaging was bright green with golden butterfiles embossed on it.

That was my last memory of wearing lipsticks. All my clubbing life, lipgloss was the thing to wear on your lips (apart from boys’ lips). There was always one in the handbag, and one in the car. Just in case.

Pinks, oranges and reds: my lippy collection

As a big fan of striking eye make up, I always thought lipsticks weren’t for me. The discretion of the gloss was the best companion for my smokey eyes. It was only in 2008  that I decided to venture back in the world of lipsticks, as I started to pay more attention to the shades available – and I fell in love.

And I have, since then, favoured the lipsticks over lipgloss, maybe it is just fashion, but I feel, that, just like me, my make up style has grown, developed, and I feel much more confident to wear whatever, whenever.

Let me know what you think:

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