Unleashing my inner Rebel with John Lewis and Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte_tilbury_makeup_john_lewis - 1My nature has always been a little bit rebellious. I am not mutiny prone, but do enjoy shaking a few feathers now and then.

My style is, albeit “normal”, quite rebellious in the sense I don’t really care what people think. I dress for the occasion, myself and the way I feel on that moment. And the same goes for my makeup.

So no wonder when John Lewis got in touch with me to pick a Charlotte Tilbury look to re-create, I was drawn to The Rebel.

charlotte_tilbury_makeup_john_lewis - 1 (1)After deliberating between looks I love and wear, The Vintage Vamp and the Bombshell, I settled for the one that is quite close to my soul, but ultimately that I find harder to wear.

Let me explain. I always struggled with the red/green combination. I love green eye shadow, but also love red lipstick, but always thought of it as a bit Christmassy. The fact this looks pulls it off is quite exciting.

Also, I do struggle with making a smokey lower lash line look good on me, so I am hoping to pick up Ms Tilbury’s tips and tricks and make it work.

On top of that, I do the other two favourite looks quite often, so it is great to try something bolder and different.

charlotte_tilbury_rebel_look_john_lewis - 2Armed with my Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Look kit, which contains Luxury Palette Rebel Eyeshadow quad, Rock n’ Kohl Bedroom Black eyeliner, Cheek to Chic First Love blusher, Lip Cheat Kiss n’ Tell lip liner, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Love Bite lipstick and Lip Lustre Hall of Fame lip gloss, I set off to create my own rebel.

And I picked a night in the town rebel.

charlotte_tilbury_makeup_john_lewis - 2After creating a face base (Hourglass Primer and foundation mainly), I started with the eyes by adding the primer colour in The Rebel Eyeshadow Luxury Palette, a creamy metallic beige which is also great for highlighting, to the whole lid.

I used the pencil shadow brush to add this lighter colour to the inner corner of my eyes, to open and highlight them.

Still with that brush, I added the enhance shade, a lighter emerald green, contouring my crease and creating a shape, then a blending brush to colour in from the outer to the inner corner.

With a smoking brush I added the smoke colour, a rich pine green, above the crease created with the enhance shade and first smoked up upwards. Then I smoked downwards. With the pencil shadow brush I added to the lash line and smoked upwards.

With the same brush and colour I lined my lower lash line, making it go over my comfort zone on purpose, to create a more smoked look.

Finally, I applied the gorgeous pop shade, a rich seaweed green with gold flecks, with my finger, as suggested by Ms Tilbury herself.

The eyeshadows are soft, very pigmented, blend beautifully and have no drop whatsoever.

Using the Rock n’ Kohl Bedroom Black eyeliner I lined my upper lash line and pulled a small flick. I also lined my bottom lashes water line. I then used the pencil brush to rub the kohl in both lash lines, giving it a more fluid edge.

I coated my eye lashes with mascara and applied Eylure Fleur Loves lashes.

Then I used my usual contouring shade (a dull brown from Inglot) to the cheeks, and applied Inika and Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked highlighter high on my cheekbones and middle of the face, above my lips cupid bow and centre of the nose.

charlotte_tilbury_makeup_john_lewis - 3Using the Cheek to Chic First Love blusher swish shade above and below my contouring, near the hair and jaw line, as well as neck and chest, I moved on to apply the pop shade onto my cheekbones.

I finished the look with the stunning K.I.S.S.I.N.G Love Bite lipstick, which is a lustrous vivid orange-red, perfect for my skin, after lining my lips with the butter soft Lip Cheat Kiss n’ Tell lip liner. To add extra oomph, I dabbed Lip Lustre Hall of Fame lip gloss to the centre of the lips.

Then I added a little star just to make it cute.

The Rebel is a bold, beautiful and brave, celebrating uniqueness, which I think, for me if just perfect.

And I am over my red/green fear. Watch this space, it will appear more often. Plus, I have at least 5 Charlotte Tilbury products on my list now, as I love what I tried. *sigh*

John Lewis is a new stockist for Charlotte Tilbury makeup and there you can find all the extensive  CT makeup range and all 10 amazing look sets, including The Rebel, which cost £165 each and have all the items you need to create a day and night version of the makeup look.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Charlotte Tilbury Book of Make Up magic advent calendar, which will be available in John Lewis. It is to die for, I promise!


Maybe you are thinking: But Dani, did you really need that many pictures of you? Well, no. I did, however, love them and had a lot of fun doing the look and taking the pics (thank you Andy!), there were 80 in total and I think I did well. At least they are in galleries… no?

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Product review: Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray

Image credit: Urban Decay @ House of Fraser

Anything that has “all nighter” on the label is bound to catch my attention, and it was no different with this product. On another one of my regular wanderings around House of Fraser, I came across this product. At the time, they had the XL 177ml tub, for the very  good price of £23.

I sprayed it on my face and a few days after I decided to purchase, so I got it and started using it regularly. I use a couple sprays before leaving the house every day, and I can certainly notice make up looks fresh all day.

What I find interesting is that the product claims to keep you cool (“…boasts a patent pending Temperature Control Technology that makes this weightless mist so powerful and sets it far above the competition. Your makeup won’t melt when it’s warm and humid or become dehydrated when it’s cold and windy. Yes, it actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to hold foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place”) and I noticed that, in the morning, on the tube, where tend to overheat, my face was cooler. Amazing.

But the real difference is on situations you would definitely melt; that’s where it really matters and you can see how great the product is. I put some in an atomiser, so I can carry it on my handbag during a night out, it is great to refresh yourself after vigorous dancing!

When I attended an open  air wedding, under a ruthless sun, I really thanked UD for the goodness. My hayfever was at an all time high, it was hot, I could see sweat dripping from some people’s faces. But my make up lasted, till the end of the party. All my pics look good.

A male friend of mine was sweating a lot on his face, and I offered to spray some on him; he actually came back to me saying he “wasn’t sure what I sprayed, but he was actually feeling more comfortable”. He was not glistening with sweat anymore!

So, I am in love with this product. When used with UD’s eyeshadow primer potion, it is infallible!

Urban Decay make up is available from House of Fraser and Debenham’s in the UK, and the All Nighter make up setting spray is £19 for 118ml.

Beauty products and make up I cannot live without

Most of my eyeshadows!

We all have them, right? Some swear by a handful of products that keep them beautiful on a daily basis… however, you are *slightly* more exaggerated,  like myself, you probably notice that your staple beauty products cannot fit in one hand, or two… better bring out the sack…

I decided to list my essential make up items as well as my staple beauty products, as I believe they go hand in hand beautifying my everyday!

There is an awful lot more stuff and I have to say, I am quite good using most of the stuff I have

Drum roll…. here is my tried, tested and loved list:

Make up

  • MAC foundation, most of the times Selct FPS 15 in NC37 – I have tried many foundations in my life (trust me, I am a girl who had severe acne when younger), and this is the one I stuck with for quite sometime. Great to apply, it has a medium coverage. I am, at the moment, trying MAC’s Matchmaster, which has slightly better coverage than the Select and I am very happy with it too. I sometimes mix my foundation with moisturiser for everyday use or build up for hard-wearing make up.
  • MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural powder, in medium dark – cannot live without, usually brush on top of my foundation to add colour, but sometimes just on its own it offers you good coverage without being heavy, at all.
  • MAC Sheertone Shimmer blush in Sunbasque – so versatile…. could, in desperate times, double up as a bronzer, it goes with most colours. When I am full make up on, I use it only on the apple of the cheeks, with Mineralize blush in Chic Couple under the cheek bone for extra definition.
  • MAC Mineralize skinfinish bronzer in Gold deposit – not too overpowering in colour, gives you that lovely glow, suitable for the winter and summer, can be built up…. great for a bot of contouring.
  • MAC eye shadow in Carbon –  another super versatile item. An intense matte black, I wear it as for fierce smokey eyes or on a daily basis as eye liner.
  • Mascara usually Maybelline Falsies, but lately been dabbling with YSL – you can check the review here, Soap & Glory and Maybelline One by One.
  • Eye liner – I have and use many different ones. The one I am quite into at the moment is the The Collection 200o Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in black. I use eye shadow as eyeliner, gel liners from Maybelline and MAC.
  • MAC brow shader duo – a nice little matchbox like packaging with a dark shadow for your eyebrow and a lighter for the brow bone. It has been discontinued, I am lucky I have two and they last forever!
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla – so great, really gives your brow bone that extra, glamourous sheen, lifting your brows up to the sky! Amazing buy, a little pot will last you a long time.
  • Eye shadow – I own a plethora of shades… cannot get enough of eye shadow, could not pick a favourite, as it varies with my mood.
  • Lancôme Color Fever lipstick in Hot Stuff Rouge: a metallic red I think this colour has been discontinued, which is  shame, as it is the best red ever! It is not too bright so suitable for day wear, it has a smooth creamy texture, so it glides when you apply – it is so good, I don’t even have to use a lip liner. I love it!
  • MAC Russian Red lipstick – hot. That’s all.
  • Lipcote lipstick fixer – I swear by this product. After reading reviews that it dries your lips more than fixes the colour, I was a bit unsure about buying it. My lips are quite dry, and this product hasn’t made it any worse. It fixes the colour beautifully, and I never wear a red on a night out without applying this on top. It stays put most of the night and it won’t stain glasses when you drink. Great!
  • A primer. Been using MAC’s Prep+Prime Skin for a few years and recently discovered Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting primer (dewy finish) which did wonders for my skin – a brilliant primer for acne scarred skin.  I also use Lancôme’s La Base Pro.
  • Eyelid primer – at the moment using e.l.f and happy with it.


  • Face moisturiser – Nivea visage Oil free moisturising fluid is great value for money. I also wear Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, but this Nivea one is a great budget alternative – the texture is pretty much the same, it absorbs quickly, it moisturises well and my skin likes it.
  • Victoria’s Secret hydrating body lotion in Pure Seduction – been wearing it for a good 10 years now and it is the only moisturiser  my body has seen. Love the consistency, the hydration and the smell is to die for. Sadly, not largely available in the UK (soon to be though), so I stock up from duty free, and suffer the occasional “moisturiser depletion anxiety” when I think I will run out before another trip abroad.
  • Victoria’s Secret ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream, also in Pure Seduction- just like above, but I use it as a hand moisturiser.  It is just great, more supple than the body lotion, also good for elbows and knees.
  • St. Tropez Everyday Airbrush fake tan – easy to apply, never had streaks, the tan looks natural – worth noting I do not abuse it!The smell could be better, but could also be much worse, so overall, I like it and rely on it.
  • Lip balm – my lips are quite dry, and I suffer a lot in the winter; you won’t see without Vaseline lip therapy cocoa butter and lately créme bruleé or cherry Carmex.
  • Clarins Cleansing milk and Toning lotion for combination/oily skin – I know I should wear it twice daily, but I usually do it once, before going to bed. The toning lotion is also a good astringent, and I wear it on my eye lids as part of my eye make up prep!
  • Clinique 3 step system – I usually do this in the mornings. At the moment, I am using the soap bar and clarifying lotion 2, for dry combination skin.
  • Eye drops – My eyes are also very dry, in the wonter aggravated by heating and in th summer by hayfever (I know, lucky me, eh?!), so I use itchy eye drops a lot. I’ve been using Optrex Itchy eye drops and it helps a lot. In the winter,  I usually change to a moisturising eye drop, like Optrex Dry or Actimist eye spray (which I find great!)
  • Batiste dry shampoo  – an absolute saviour. When younger, I used to wash my hair every day, because it is quite fine and looks dirty in 24 hours. Not anymore, dry shampoo (and ballerina buns) changed my life.
  • L’Oréal Absolute eye & lip make-up remover – another saviour, been wearing for a long time, cheap and cheerful, does the job brillianty.
  • Kérastase Nutritive Nutri-termique hair mask –  this is a miracle worker, using it once a week for about a year really changed my hair’s condition. Really amazing product.
  • Kérastase Lait Nutri-sculpt leave in smoothing hair foundation – in combination with the hair mask, this also changed my hair – it enabled me to grow it with the best condition my hair has ever been.
  • Nail varnish – lots and lots of it, in a rainbow-like palette!!!
What about you? What are the products you cannot live without?  Have you tried any of my favourites? What did you think?

Fashion week beauty – A/W 12-13

Meadham Kichhoff a/w 12-13, image from vogue.co.uk

Meadham Kichhoff A/W 12-13, image from vogue.co.uk

Fashion week comes round one more time in London town, and as I work near Somerset House, the home of LFW, I have been spotting of sorts of weird and wonderful fashionistas around. And that put me in the mood to scour for pretty make up and nails amongst the (mostly) beautiful clothes.

Once again, I have been trashing the London and New York editorials and squinting at the zoomed in pictures to spot nails and make up trends, or just things I like.

I noticed many minimalist, bare face looks and clear or nude nails. Have to say, I have no interest on those at all – so move over… Here are my thoughts on the exciting ones:

Before I go into specifics, I must open with Meadham Kirchhoff which once again dazzled with make up and nails – for the talons, a feast of patterned, colourful and mismatched appearances. For the make up, colourful eyes, with geometrical patterns, also mismatched, half coloured lips and towards the end, fully painted faces. And wacky hair. If for any show, I would be begging to watch this one. Absolutely beautiful, and exquisite.  A brilliant case of beauty being an integral part of the outfits.

Black nail polish has been spotted avast: at Antonio Berardi (with beautiful light coloured half moons), L’Wren Scott and Vera Wang. Vivienne Westwood Red Label presented exquisite inscripted hands and nails, but some plain black.  PPQ had lovely gold nails pointy with black tip designed as a triangle, almost like a heart at the end, facing outside. Pretty.

Still on nails, I spotted lavender blue for Erdem, almost electric blue at Antoni & Alison and deep blue at Anna Sui. House of Holland gave us dogstooth pattern nails, with bright blue and pink backgrounds. Transparent shimmery polish, deep burgundy and hands dipped in gold shimmer appeared at Marchesa (which, by the way, had a stunning collection).

Red lips appeared on Emilia Wickstead and PPQ, as well as at Narciso Rodriguez, with some burgundy, and naked eyes.

Orangey reds and coral lips were seen at House of Holland, Rodarte, Michael Kors, Jonathan Saunders and glossy at Antonio Berardi.

Moschino Cheap & Chic gave us beautiful lilac shimmery lips!

For the eyes, I like the smokey black at L’Wren Scott and eyeliner flicks at Erdem (a high on the lid floating version), Aquascutum (very thick) and Antoni & Alison (smokey), but  Anna Sui delivered my favourite: gorgeous electric blue flicks with a pretty dot at the centre of the lower lash line. Narciso Rodriguez also gave us coral and lime eyeshadow with nude lips and Marchesa presented beautifully gold shimmer lined eyes.

I also enjoyed looking at the coral flushed cheeks at Mulberry. The models looked so fresh and radiant.

Although Meadham Kirchhoff’s colourful extravaganza is my favourite feast-for-the-eyes show, I probably won’t go painting my face blue (unless I dress up as Neytiri), but I see plenty of wearable trends, and I am sure we can all find a few favourites and give them our individual twists to suit our styles!

I highly recommend you take a look at the picture galleries at Vogue for great photos!

Vogue Beauty

Vogue Fashion

Thinking about what trends are hot for Spring/Summer 12? Check my previous posts!

Metallic eyes trend

supracolour metallics - Charles H FoxI am absolutely loving the metallic eye trend for this coming warm season. I had noticed foiled hair and eyes in some shows, but the wearable look really excites me! I came across this picture gallery on Vogue which gives a great round up and plenty of inspiration. What I really like too are the double liners – on the lash line and crease!

I have always been a great fan of metallics, favouring those to mattes whenever possible; even when doing dramatic black smokey eyes and using matte eye shadow, I make sure I apply a metallic MAC paint underneath, not only to fix it, but also to give it a bit of sparkle!

Quite similar to MAC’s Metal-X cream shadows are the Supracolour metallics,  supracolour metallics - Charles H Foxfrom Charles H Fox I bought late last year, in gold, copper and silver, banking on the trend, for only £6. They are creamy and super metal, as eye shadow, with even application and great cover. I would set it with my MAC prep+prime transparent finishing powder. It also looks fab as a liner, but I just don’t recommend wearing it too near the tear duct, as I felt that, due to its consistency, they blocked mine a little bit and it was quite uncomfortable. However, I promise I will wear a totally metallic lid very soon and will post!

MAC make up brush set

MAC brush set - dani dutraI love it when MAC launches brush sets. Not only because I swear by their brushes and it’s a great chance to replace my oldies, but also because it is a chance of buying them at a great price. However, the best part is that the brushes come in a smaller size, which is very make up bag friendly. Win all around!

With my powder and eye shadow applicator and blender brushes having seen better days, I found the perfect set to replace them all in one go: the Make it Perfect Brush Kit/Special Edition. It consists of five special edition brushes:  167 powder, 168 angled contour for the face and 239 shader, 217 blending, 212 flat definer for the eyes. They are all white and with glittering clear handles, and comes in a see-through snowglobe-inspired bag.

I do have them all, but I was in desperate need to replace my 167, 168, 239 and 217, which are staples in my make up bag – I use them an awful lot, and they lasted me a good 4-5 years! Check this post on more detail on the brushes and how I use them. The 212 I don’t really need, and in fact have one already from another kit which was a gift, so no losers here!

Apart from the fact I cannot live without them, I find the price very attractive at £39.50 with free delivery. If I were to buy all four brushes I really need, it would cost me £87 for the larger size, which doesn’t fit in my make up bag.  That, plus the 212 I really don’t need, so I am getting £103 worth of goods for a bit more than a third of that. MAC also sent me a little sample of their Zoom Lash mascara. I think it’s great!

Now, I know some of you say MAC brushes are overpriced and I can probably replace them by a cheaper, equally good brand but I trust them; for me, that’s priceless!

Although it might be available in stores, sadly this kit in particular has sold out on the site in the UK. The others variations,  the Essentials, which I bought before and has their foundation brush and the Shape & Perfect kits are also gone. But they still have the Mineralize, with great buffers, for the same price!

Product review – 17 BB cream

After hearing wonders about BB creams, I decided I needed to get hold of one. Who doesn’t want to sport skin as they promise? I mean, who wouldn’t kill  “to reveal the magic of flawless skin with this all-in-one foundation plus skincare wonder product”?

This cream claims to give full coverage which conceals imperfections and helps control oil;  even skins tone for a flawless finish and protect your skin with SPF 25 and hydrating formula. Great, eh? So I bought the 17 Blemish Balm, for a reasonable £5.99, on offer (normal price £6.99) from Boots.  I originally wanted the Garnier one, but the branch I visited didn’t stock it, so I decided to give this one a go.

It is worth pointing out that I have sensitive combination skin, with a sometimes oily t-zone and the eventual drier patches. I suffered from severe acne in the past and although it’s all  gone, I have breakouts from time to time. I don’t have an uneven skin tone, but have some mild acne scars on my cheeks, slightly enlarged pores (not too bad) and occasionally, some redness from irritation.

Bearing that in mind, this is my opinion and experience with the product:

The first thing I noticed was the colours limitation: two to be precise –  light and medium. Now, what do darker skins do? Not sure. I went for medium, as I have olive skin. The colour is not a good match for me, as it is medium for pink based skin tones. As I have yellow tones in my skin, none of the colours are ideal.

Second, I thought about posting a picture and decided against; there was no difference, it feels like a thin tinted moisturiser, it hid some minor blemishes, but didn’t offer good coverage. Needless to say, I am mortified to be photographed without make up, *twice* would be an insult.

Having said that, some reviews mentioned it could be ok to use as a primer, but  I don’t think it particularly fixes make up – I tried and it didn’t do it for me.

However, the absolute killer was the way the product made my skin feel very greasy, clogged, as if it couldn’t breathe. Minutes after applying, I felt I should wash my face. I had some break outs, and I am not, in any way, blaming the product for them, but now I haven’t used the product for a week or so, they have cleared – just saying.

I must mention, as explained above, that I don’t have flawless skin (if I had, I probably wouldn’t feel so tempted to buy the product in the first place), but my current foundation, which has a medium/sheer coverage, mixed with a little moisturiser offers much better coverage – without the greasy feeling.

Concluding, I can’t really see any of its magic, I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t buy it again or recommend and this is not really for me.

I do hope others had a better experience with this! Have you tried this or another BB brand? What did you think?

My staple make up brushes

There was a time in my life I used to apply make up with my hands, and use shapeless foam applicators for my eye shadow. I was fifteen and those days are well and truly over.

Discovering make up brushes opened a whole new world of make up for me: they make application even, save product and are the tools that give me precision to create great make up and truly enhance my features. I then became brush-crazy and started slowly building up a collection.

All my brushes are from MAC; after having had bad brushes before, theirs was the first good brush I got that made a difference, so I stuck with them! I have about 17 brushes for face, eye and lip make up, but there are 10 of them I cannot live without and I use on a daily basis:


190 Foundation brush – Really changed my life! Applies evenly, makes a small amount of foundation go a long way!

187 Duo Fibre brush – I love to use it to buff blusher and bronzer, sometimes I use it for foundation too.

129 Powder brush –  I use it for powder application and bronzer – I really love this brush!

168 Large Angled contour brush– I use this one mainly for blusher, applying on the apples of my cheek, but also under the cheekbone, to give contour that makes your face really stand out!

eye and lip

318 Retractable lip brush – I love this brush, I can really see the difference on lipstick applied with a brush, especially if they are red or other dark colour! 

208 Angled brow brush – another one I love, and use it to fill my eyebrows, which have a lovely shape, but are a bit sparse. Its hard bristles really get in there!

231 Small shader brush – Great for shading lines, but also for applying eye shadow as eye liner when a smokey effect is desired!

217 Blending brush – One of my favourites, this brush is made to go in your crease and blend – I love creating smokey eyes with it!!!

263 Small angle brush – Great for liners – super handy for corners!

239 Eye shader brush– I use this everyday, to apply eye shadow evenly on the lid.

Most of them come from brush bags MAC launches every year, mainly around Christmas, others I replaced by the full sized (and full priced!) brush or bought after seeing it being used on me during a make over at MAC. I do prefer the smaller special editions ones, as it is easier to carry them in my make up bag.

I usually clean them with brush cleaner (I’ve been using the MAC one, and I am very happy with it, it lasted a long time!) and warm soapy (or even detergent!) water. A good trick I read about, on my make up bible Make Up: The Ultimate Guide, by Rae Morris, is to use a white plate and rub the brush on it, until you can see the water running clear, so that you know your brush is clean! Good tip!

Some of them have been stained by pigments, others, have seen better days and I am looking forward to buying one of their sets soon to replace the oldies!

What about you? Do you have favourite brushes and brands?

London Fashion week beauty

Vivienne Westwood Red Label eyes, Topshop unique hair

MAC eyes for Vivienne Westwood; hair for Topshop Unique

Of course I love the clothes, but what really caught my eyes were the accompanying nails, hair and make up during LFW.

The nails, hair and especially make up at Vivienne Westwood’s Reb Label show were simply amazing – MAC delivered exotic peacock eyes and burgundy defined cheeks and nails were painted each in a different shade of green/blue. I adore bold eyes and will try to replicate at home soon! Also growing fonder of the mismatched nail colours, quite daring for me as to this day I have always painted all my nails one colour at a time!

Topshop unique, House of Holland and Vivienne Westwood nails

Nails for Topshop Unique, House of Holland and Vivienne Westwood

Topshop Unique delighted us with sensational, “gold-plated” locks (applying gold leaves on hair) and blue, gold and pink painted nails with hieroglyphics – pure “Queen of the Nile” lush.

House of Holland gave us “ombre” nails – colour at the bottom, no colour at the top of the talons. Elle has even published a “how to“, if you’d like to try – I don’t think I will myself, as the final aspect doesn’t seem very tidy, but I might try the technique with two colours!

Meadham Kirchhoff's model hair and make up

Hair and make up for Meadham Kirchhoff's show

Mary Kantrazou‘s models brought bold coloured lips to the catwalk, including blue, green and grey! Quite enjoyed seeing it.

I feasted my eyes with the styling at Meadham Kirchhoff show – a circus-like bonanza, with  bouffant wigs, neon and pastel lips and eyes, colourful nails with the cutest motifs (mainly, there was a vagina one!) and plenty of glitter.

I can definitely spot some trends here, such as  each nail painted on a different colour, patterns and bold eyes, as well as pastel colours on make up for the summer. The fresh-faced, natural look with barely there make up also graced a lot of shows.

As far as make up, nails and hair on the catwalk go, London outdoes New York by a mile, and even though light beige nails and a more natural make up, which were predominant in NY, have been spotted here, the opposing variety in London was far greater, and in my opinion, better and more fun!