Fluttering my Fleur de Force Eylure lashes

eylure_fleur_de_force_review - 1When I heard about the Eylure collaboration with superstar blogger/vlogger Fleur de Force I was intrigued.

Being a fan of Eylure and knowing the fabulous range of lashes they offer, what could she bring, apart from her off-the-charts popularity? Continue reading

Review: Eylure Volume lashes and how to apply strip lashes

eylure volume lashes False eyelashes is something I only mastered relatively recently in my beauty journey and a few brands have been my go to in order to enhance my peepers – Eylure is certainly one of them.

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Product review: The Vintage Cosmetic Company Gracie eye lashes

the vintage cosmetic company gracie lashes - somanylovelythings

Uh, lashes. Since I discovered false eye lashes, I always think here is something missing from my eyes! Good thing The Vintage Cosmetic Company has sent Gracie, a new addition to their lashes line, my way to help me flutter mine.

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