Review: Eylure Volume lashes and how to apply strip lashes

eylure volume lashes False eyelashes is something I only mastered relatively recently in my beauty journey and a few brands have been my go to in order to enhance my peepers – Eylure is certainly one of them.

I was chuffed to find an Eylure lash bar at the LFW Retreat event and chose my fave – number 70, for volume.

I usually go for definition and length as I feel very heavy lashes weigh my eyes too much. This one, although it says volume, is not too dense, and may I say, offers all three for good measure!

At the same time, they are quite discreet, offering real enhancement and oomph, rather than overpowering the whole look.

eyelure volume eye lashes

I find Eylure lashes very easy to apply; their strip is super soft and thin, feeling very comfortable on the eyes. It also means it’s flexible enough to follow your eye shape when applying, not only making application easier but also making it perfect.

They are lightweight and feel super comfortable on.

Although I use Duo lash glue, the glue that comes with it is actually very good, so a box will have everything you need to create that glam look.

How to apply strip lashes:

It took me a while to manage to (sort of painlessly) apply false lashes quickly. Practice is really what you need – it does make perfect (ish, in my case).

First, I dettach them from the box and measure then against my eye in order to adjust the size. I like to cut it slightly shorter than my own lashes, so when I close my eyes, they don’t look droopy on the sides! Never cut your fake lashes while they are still on your eyes!

Once it is cut, I apply my eyeliner (if I’m using any – I am usually wearing eyeliner with a flick), then use a lash curler and apply mascara on my natural lashes.

This is important as our lashes act as a little shelf to the fake lashes, so push them up and thicken them to maximise this.

After the mascara is dry, I add the glue to the strip, wait for around 30 seconds then, with my eyes open, but looking down, I apply it as close as possible to the lash line. Never apply on the skin; the strip should be where your lashes grow, as if rooted where yours are.

Sometimes I use a plastic, blunt stick to gently push it towards my lashes roots, and reinforce the corners.

Then I move on to other eye and repeat the process. I make sure there are no pokey bits and move them around a bit to make them more comfortable. I then reaply the eyeliner to make any imperfections go away.

Finally, I use a lash brush to comb the lashes, helping them blend with mine.

Removing is also easy, I gently pull from the corner. I then clean the strip with eye makeup remover and antibacterial and put it back in the box – this way, I can reuse it. I usually wear the same lashes a maximum of 3-5 times.

You can find the Eylure lashes in major retailers around the country; a set like this costs around £5.25 and they have many (really, many) styles to suit every taste!


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


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