Fluttering my Fleur de Force Eylure lashes

eylure_fleur_de_force_review - 1When I heard about the Eylure collaboration with superstar blogger/vlogger Fleur de Force I was intrigued.

Being a fan of Eylure and knowing the fabulous range of lashes they offer, what could she bring, apart from her off-the-charts popularity?

Well… My question was well and truly answered by one little pair of lashes: Eylure Fleur Loves.

eylure_fleur_de_force_review - 2At the lovely London launch, where all sort of blogging/vlogging royalty got together to support Fleur, I got, in between glasses of prosecco, that little number applied and was very impressed.

Fleur Loves is a demi-lash, to be applied from the middle to outer corner of the eye, to add fullness and maximise flutter. It has a twisted, slightly messy and wispy look with stone-ground lash tips.

eylure_fleur_de_force_review - 3Amazingly, I had never tried the 3/4 length lash before, and as I found out, it is flattering and perfect for my eye shape.

In fact, the lash professional who applied it on me at the event recommended they are applied more towards de inner corner of my eyes, with its outer corner ends just short of the ends of my natural lashes.

Because of my eye shape, if I leave too long a “tail” past (or even aligned with) my natural lashes end, it will give an impression my eyes are droopy.

This little pair opened my eyes, sent flutter off the roof and defined the look.

IMG_3675Now, I’m not sure I mentioned before, but the glue that comes with the Eylure lashes is amazing – easy application mini wand and all night hold.

I wore these lashes in a few occasions, they probably have a couple of wears still in them so I will be stocking up.

Fleur Loves. I do too.

The range counts with four styles, for day and night, all in lovely pastel boxes. The Fleur Loves 3/4 lashes cost £5.25, the Fleur & Fabulous and Simply Fleur, £5.95 and the individual Couture Fleur, £6.25 per box and can be purchased in retailers nationwide.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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