Bad hair day bun

Not too bad hair!

A bad hair day, for me, consists mainly of unwashed hair. Apart from dirt, there is nothing ghd‘s won’t fix.

I wash my hair pretty much every day. This week, however, a 2-day unwashed hair got me. Let me explain: while for most people, washing their hair every two, even three or more days is quite normal, for me is unbearable. Not only because my hair is quite fine and looks dirty quite easily (really, in 24 hours), but also because I KNOW it hasn’t been washed, and that causes me paranoia.

I found a friend in Batiste, the dry shampoo, which has saved me from many sticky situations in the past. However, for my fine hair, after a few hours the Batiste effect starts to fade.

I’ve always had a love affair with ballerina buns – probably because I spent a lot of my early life wearing them.

The fact they sprung back into fashion made me quite happy, but my hair is so fine it doesn’t amount to much, even though it is long – only a pathetic tiny drop sitting in the middle of my head.

So I bought a ballerina bun foundation ring, which gives me the volume I need, and produces perfect buns in a few minutes! I have fallen in love with the hair buns all over again.

Now my bad hair days are not that bad!

3 thoughts on “Bad hair day bun

  1. I love Batiste Tropical, and now I can’t find it anywhere! I’m using Fredrik Fekkai Au Naturel now, but it has no smell to revamp my ‘do!
    I, like you, should wash my hair everyday, but it is such a hassle to style all the time. Where did you find the foundation bun that you were talking about? It’s very Sarah Jessica Parker circa Sex and the City HBO! I would love to try the look!


    • I tried the Tropical before, smells like pina colada! Funny you say that, I haven’t seen that on the shelves for a while! A friend of mine is using the Boho smell and it’s quite nice too!
      If you are in the UK, would you believe me if I told you I found the foundation bun from Primark, for only £1? I also found a couple on Ebay and you will probably find it in dance shops too! They go by the name of bun foundation ring or donut.
      I am truly in love! Good luck finding yours!


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