Metallic red: nails of the week (22/08/11)

red metallic nails

Now I went back to red two weeks ago, I am struggling to find the will to paint my talons another colour.  A bit pathetic, I know, and today I actually applied a berry shade (with a tint of purple on it, which I really like) just to remove it all and go back to pure scarlet.

This one is, however, a red I hadn’t worn before, bought a few weeks back . Cherry, from Miss Sporty, is a gorgeously hot metallic dark red, also on the Last Colour Pro brush range, so delivers the high shine I mentioned before and I am really counting on the durability.  My one struggle – Miss Sporty doesn’t put the name of their shades on the nail polish bottle itself, so, just a disclaimer: I think it is Cherry, based on a guessing game using their website.

I am really looking forward to trying on the grey I bought on the same occasion I got this one, just waiting for the perfect occasion – I am sure it will come soon!

Let me know what you think:

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