Nails of the week

Purple metallic nailsVenturing into blue last week was great, but somehow spoiled this week’s choice a little, as I expected to be blown away by every new colour (I know, too high expectations…) and this wasn’t the case this week. Don’t get me wrong, this metallic purple is lovely, but that blue had oomph – and lots of it.

This week I am wearing Purple Rain, another nail polish from Collection 2000’s Lasting Colour line. I found it a bit thin, the first coat was really see through, but the colour really showed on the second coat.  I wore the blue one for eight days last week, and it looked great until the end (I did apply an extra coat six days after my manicure just to give it a refresh), and the overall durability was great, it didn’t lose shine!

Differently from the previous purple I wore, this one is darker and it is not as glittery as the Colorama one I have.  It also has some iridescence about it, a blue undertone that comes up best in sunlight. Apart from the blue-ish undertone, the colour is rather similar to a MAC lipstick I bought recently, Odyssey. Overall good, but it is no blue, or green!

Might have to go back to them soon!

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