Nails of the week

20111010-203224.jpgI haven’t posted the “nails of the week” for a while (about ten days since I should’ve);  but the clue is in the name and I apologise.

The delay is justified (well, these are my excuses, anyway!): I wore the purple nail polish for a record ten days as I was on holidays – it HAD to last – and considering my two trips to the spa and a few nibbles from a very nervous girlfriend waiting for her injured boyfriend to complete a marathon, I must say it held off really well! Also, I decided to let my nails breathe and went varnish free for three days, clearly another record for me.


The red nails in action

This week, the situation dictated my nail colour: I had a circus themed birthday party and by my costume demand, the only colour to go for was red, which is no sacrifice for a big fan of scarlet talons like myself.

I relied on a good old Colorama mix: super bright red 40 Graus with light metallic and slightly darker red Vermelho Ardente on top. This is an old favourite combo, which a manicurist used on my nails a few years back in Brazil and I loved so much that I bought the colours to replicate at home!

My “nail schedule” is now restored to normality and I will have a manicure in a few days. For the first time, I have already decided, in advance, what colour to wear, and I am *very* excited about it! To be honest, I cannot wait… but you are going to have to, until my next post!!!



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