Summer skin care: Nupill body oil

I am really obsessed with a golden, real tan. Don’t get me wrong, I have succumbed to fake tan way too many times, and living in London, it is sometimes my only option. After a while living in a cold country, my skin turned into a colour I never thought it could be, a weird off-colour yellow (yes, trust me, not attractive), a diluted, unhealthy looking version of my olive shade.

Now, I only use self tanning sprays at home when I need, but there was a phase I spent a lot of time in sunbeds, and developed what I thought was a tan, but in reality it was a dodgy dark orange shade…

For this reason, I really appreciate when I get a proper tan – a fact taken for granted all my life in tropical lands – and I love the colour I am at the moment, a real golden tone, and I am doing all I can to preserve it and develop into a darker shade.

I am now in Brazil, and my favourite pastime is sunbathing. To hang on to my tan, and keep a glowing skin, I find nothing better than (apart from proper sun cream application and patience to work on the tan) a lovely body oil, with almond and grape seed oils and collagen, called Nupill Gold Skin.

More like myself!

There are a few different brands that do the same mix, but this is my favourite smell. Sadly, it is only available here, and I paid a reasonable R$8,90 (just over £3) for 180ml.

It helps to prevent peeling by hydrating the skin and, on top of it all, it smells gorgeous! In the winter, it is very useful, as it helps with dry skin. Plus, it contains collagen, which aids skin elasticity!

I apply it just by the end of my shower and don’t rinse. It is not too thick an oil and it is absorbed by the skin very quickly, leaving it smooth and soft. By the time I put my moisturiser on, there is no trace of it on my skin.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything similar in the UK which is reasonably priced. I tried pure filtered almond oil before, but even after rinsing, it seems to stick and there was a lingering smell of stale oil afterward on my body, towel and clothes that really bothered me.

Do you use or know anything similar? It would be great to find out!!!

Let me know what you think:

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