Nails of the week – green/purple duochrome

Totally in love with this nail colour. This week I am wearing a mega pretty green and purple duochrome called Aztec, from Accessorize’s Illusion nail polish range. Not only the colour changes beautifully, and you can notice it under most lighting, but it is also very sparkly, almost glittery.

The green and purple seem to be a common combination for multi toned nail varnishes, but the green on this one is forest green, making the contrast stunning (most of the others are teal like), and it also has some hints of gold.

Application was ok, if anything the brush was on the small side. The first coat was very thin, and I was worried about the effect. But upon applying the second coat, the beautiful colour revealed itself, in full glory, as in the bottle. Durability is good, of course I am wearing a topcoat, but there have been no chips, four days after application. A good quality nail varnish.

Overall, a great buy, at £4 per bottle. I must admit I am very impressed with the Accessorize nail polish – to be honest, I didn’t think it was going to be good in any way.  I bought this late in 2011, but they still have it on the site, and probably in store. I also bought another shade from the same range, Pink Spice, and cannot wait to try that one too!

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5 thoughts on “Nails of the week – green/purple duochrome

  1. I have this polish and reviewed it a few weeks ago. I love the colour, I think it’s gorgeous but I found that it took ages to dry and I had depression makes in it after sleeping (I didn’t use a topcoat).
    Interesting to see how other people like/dislike things.


    • Hello! It is quite interesting indeed. I have only recently started using a topcoat, as I always saw it as an extra coat that makes the whole thing take longer to dry; but since I started, I really noticed the polish lasts longer.

      I really hate slow drying polishes, as I usually paint my nails at night too, maybe the topcoat was the saving grace for this one!Five days on, it still looks impeccable!

      Thanks for visiting!


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