Nails of the week – pink and copper duochrome

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Another colour changing beauty is on my nails this week – a delightful pink and copper duochrome from Accessorize, called Pink Spice.

It is super sparkly and the colour changes beautifully – it is true you need light, as the shades are not that contrasting, so when I painted my nails, at night, I was a bit disappointed. However, in the morning, I could notice the subtle, but lovely transition between the reddish pink and brownish copper hues.

Just like Aztec, which I tried previously, this polish does not disappoint. One coat is indeed too thin, but you can achieve the effect with two. Application was ok, I still find their brush a bit too small, but didn’t affect application. It has a good consistency and spreads evenly. Durability is good, no chips in five days, so (non-chipped) thumbs up – worth noticing I always use a topcoat to improve durability anyway!

A lovely colour which I am happy with and generated compliments, but lacks a bit of oomph if you ask me… Do I love it madly? not quite… rather pleased to see reddish pink on my nails once again, but the effect, for me, is not impressive enough (certainly not as impressive as Aztec), don’t quite know why; maybe it lacks a bit of contrast, I think. Still, at £4, a great buy for a duochrome – pretty, and I am happy to recommend and perhaps, wear again!


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2 thoughts on “Nails of the week – pink and copper duochrome

  1. That looks really cute and so reasonably priced! I would never think of buying nail polish from accessorize (I am always slightly dubious about random brands sticking their hands in the makeup pot but maybe I will give it a go!)xx


    • Yeah, same here, I totally share your feelings! I’m always reluctant in these situations, as had bad exp in the past with polishes that were rubbish to apply, colour not as expected and chipped quickly; but I found those are actually quite good, tried the Aztec before and very impressed! Pleasant surprise!
      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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