Nails of the week – black/gold giraffe print foil

Months after buying a pretty giraffe print Nail Rock wraps, I decided it was finally time to try them. Have to confess just the thought of using a hair dryer and frantically preventing/fixing creases was enough to make me feel a bit lazy, hence the procrastination – which in this particular department is quite unusual for me, as I cannot wait to try new stuff… Anyway…

I actually found application easier than I dreaded all this time; after two or three nails, the process was quite straight forward, and it took me a couple of minutes or so per nail. I thought with myself: “This is great! I am never painting again!”. They looked *fabulous*!!! I was so excited…

However, excitement didn’t last too long. After a couple days, the foils started to snag in the “most used” fingers (thumbs and indicators)… I tried desperately to hang on to the beauty, but the ragging was really irritating… it caught on tights, hair, it felt weird on touch (as you will know by now, I am very pedantic when it comes to my nails… I am not a big fan of texture, I get quite bothered when the manicure has little bubbles or is not looking perfect, and so on) and by the third day I decided I could not take it anymore – I removed them. So a NOTW part II will follow, as I painted in replacement of the foils.

I knew they weren’t going to last long when I applied them. I so knew. But I was hoping to be proved wrong, after all they say in the packet it last up to 10 days! Removal was alright; again, using the hair dryer to make the foils soft enough to pull off.

Having said all that, I really loved the effect and the finish when they were good, so I will definitely wear again. The final verdict is: as “occasion” nails, YES, PLEASE, WE LOVE YOU!!! As weekly manicure, unfortunately is a no-no.  If you are prepared, like me, to change twice in a week, then go ahead. Or if you have that all special event that requires extra nail impact. But if you just want to think about again in seven days, you will be disappointed!


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