Eye make-up look challenge – black glitter

This is bold! And sparkly…

So, knowing me, you would probably believe I love it and think it is perfect for me, right? Nah-ah.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look, but I don’t think it is the best for my eye shape when looking at both eyes open, from the front; I played with it for a long time, made it thicker, thinner, higher, lower….and still didn’t quite look right, and I wasn’t going to post, but looking at the single eye pictures I thought that it was quite pretty.

It was very simple to put together, the problem was the mess – even though I was wearing the base plus glitter combo, it went everywhere… when I looked to the light, I could barely see, only sparkly reflections, which is pretty, but not very practical.

I first applied a primer and drew the desired shape faintly with a black eyeliner. I  smeared a part of the shape with the base then applied the glitter with the wand, and did bit by bit until the whole shape was filled. If you have the glitter, you can use an old brush and eyelash glue to replicate this look. The mess will certainly be the same!

After that, I cleaned the area around my eye, with a cotton bud infused in eye make up remover. I use this to define the shape in the corner of the eye too, in any smoke, if you want it clean-cut.

Finally, I applied a light metallic eyeshadow and pigment to the brow bone to the beginning of the glittery shape. I was going to apply a set of lashes, but I tried and it was a bit too much, so I removed it!

It is sexy and striking (trust me, two qualities I love), but didn’t quite go my way and I will put this one down to experience!

Products I used:

  • Collection 2000 Glam glitter in black
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla
  • Sephora cream eyeshadow from palette
  • MAC eye kohl in smoulder
  • MAC brushes 239 and 208
  • Elf eyelid primer
  • Smashbox photo-op under eye brightener

Level of difficulty:

I am just giving two wands because of the mess! Blimey! To remove, it was even worse!

7 thoughts on “Eye make-up look challenge – black glitter

      • Hi Dani! I’m new , I started a blog a few days ago and I write in italian, my language, but I’d like to post also in english so maybe you can read!
        Make up for ever …the product are great! I use aqua cream, they are ultra pigmented and long lasting waterproof. Also the aqua liner, liquid eyeliner, easy to used and brillant colour! The eye pencil are also good, but the eye pencil Benefit Cosmetic are better! xxxx


      • Hey Elena! I checked your blog yesterday, I can read a bit of Italian, but not totally! Still, welcome to the blogging world! :)! Based on your opinions, I am now very keen to try – especially the aqua cream, will get researching!
        Very nice to have you visiting! Ciao


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