Stylist Beauty picnic

I was lucky enough to get one of the 100 tickets to the Stylist Magazine Beauty picnic which took place in Manchester Square gardens, in central London. The picnic was part of several events hosted by the weekly free magazine in the run up to their “London edition”,  where they will give a fabulous insight into the capital we love so much.

I attended the event on my own, and I am used to going to this kind of functions solo, but I wasn’t very sure what to expect from the event, where you should take your favourite beauty product and you might be featured in the magazine.

The experience

Overall a delightful experience, just my type of event; I felt pampered, valued and special; the slogan on their massive, pretty sign, in the middle of the garden, really couldn’t sum it up better: “the art of the perfect picnic”. Indeed.

Check my pictures below!

The picnic

Manchester square is a beautiful garden in the centre of London, just behind Oxford street. Upon arrival, some extremely hospitable members of staff would welcome you, hand you a goody bag and a drink – M&S cava, Bucks fizz or juice – and offer you some picnic food: sandwiches, mini sausage rolls, quiches, cocktail sausages and later profiteroles and mini sweet tarts; all provided by Marks & Spencer.

The sight of the tent was glorious; and the fact the had a harpist playing throughout the event just made it even more special.

Treating the readers

Inside, a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere, created with flowers, candles, soft seating, mini manicures by Rococo, hand massages and make overs by Space NK. Everyone giving you the beauty treats was very nice and chatty, and so the Stylist magazine team – what a lovely bunch!

My first treat was a blissful hand massage with a beautiful red-head therapist who is also a ring designer (and she designs mermaid themed rings – mind you, she was the picture of a mermaid herself) and followed by a mini make over, with smokey eyes. Fell in love with a brow pencil from a brand I didn’t know, Kevyn Aucoin, so will have to check it out at Space NK.

The queue for the mini manis was quite long (can you blame the girls for going crazy over the amazing shades?),  so I decided against it to appreciate the harpist and chat with other attendees, who seemed to be enjoying the event just as much as me.

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The goods

The good bag was expensive and in-line with the event’s caliber; it contained a lipgloss from Lipstick Queen (RRP £20), a nail polish from Rococo (RRP £12) and a bath/shower gel from Beautannia (RRP £30), all available to purchase from Space NK. Sadly, the lipgloss is not my colour and I haven’t really worn lipgloss for ages; the nail polish is a lovely hot pink, but I have too many of very similar shades, if not the same. Bath/shower gels are just not my thing, I don’t get excited by them (mainly because I cannot have a bath, as my already low blood pressure plummets and I faint, but I might try, it smells great!). Having said all that, I wasn’t expecting to get a goody bag, and it was very thoughtful of the organisers and sponsors to offer one, so the fact that I might not use all the products doesn’t even count for me as a minus. Also, they could make lush gifts, as they are very nice, luxury products on their own right – just unlucky I got the colours I did.

I absolutely love this type of events and wish I attended more;  you always hear they happen, but I suppose it is just a matter of keeping our eyes peeled. And I shall.

Thank you Stylist magazine; I had a FAB time!

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