Trends: inspiration for Autumn/Winter 12-13

My autumn/winter 12-13 moodboard

There have been loads of talks about transitioning into the colder season – guess what, I am still transitioning into summer – but it looks like I will be on a 12 months transition, the temperature doesn’t get any better and I am just changing the collections leaving some previous season legacy behind! Sad times! Still a month or so of hope, maybe I will be wearing pretty dresses and sandals till September.

Every year, I follow the fashion weeks across the globe, and something always jumps to my attention (I feel in love with LV SS12 collection so much that much of my current wardrobe is inspired by it!); but by the time you actually get to wear the trends, you kinda forgot about them… but the fashion mags and the high street won’t let you forget. Or me.

Some trends are right up my street; others, I pass, thank you, and that is the beauty of it – making what is “in” your own, picking and choosing – and why not mixing – moulding the trends to suit your own personal style.

I will be slowly leaving my pastels behind and looking out for some trends I will be adopting.

Soooo pleased that the “womanly” trend is being dragged into the next season, thanks Lanvin and Calvin Klein  – I just love the nipped waists,  curve skimming shapes,  part femme-fatale, part innocent, part dominatrix! Sharp, fierce, elegant, and red lipped.

I see this burst of femininity, an ode to the female shape, much as retro inspired wear, so will definitely embrace more!

Glad I can still wear some leather skirts I bought last season I didn’t get to very much. A leather biker jacket is number one on my wish list.

Goth, as seen in Chanel, JP Gaultier and may other – I love lace. And fishnets. Lots of black, my favoured going out shade, I count on studs and spikes to keep going for a while.  That mix of religion and rebellion. Heavy eyes.  Dark lips. Hang on to my skulls, get crosses. Really want an above the knuckle cross ring. Cute.

I love dressing very feminine but with an edge, a bit of a rough edge – so accessories following the goth trend will give me just that when thrown in with a pretty pencil skirt or a dress and sexy sky scrapping heels.

Exaggeration. HUGE necklaces. I mean, seriously. Haven’t been into necklaces very much lately, but something tells me this will change… courtesy of Miu Miu and Prabal Gurung.

Embroidery, appliqués,  crystals, jewels. May be altogether. A tribute to Baroque – all very decadent, lavish and a lot of gold. Think fabrics with flower prints with texture that could be on sofa. Love it.

Some crazy everything goes… well, I like mixing styles sometimes, so add big sunglasses and I am possibly in. I don’t like print clash myself, but admire those who manage to do it well.

Of course, counting on (faux) fur for the season, and to me, leopard print is never a no no.

As colours go,  I am paying attention to berry shades:  from lighter to darker, red to blue based;  deep reds brighter than last autumn’s hero, the burgundy and purples; earthy tones: browns, tans and taupes, greens, not jade as last winter’s; more bottle or forest green. Black of course, dark greys with a blue tinge and silver.

Have seen some sporty items I could wear, even though I am not massive on the trend – H&M is full of them – really thick “lycra-ish” fabrics, sports bralets oh so cute. Not sure I am leaning towards them beacuse of the Olympics fever, as long as they are girly, I am in. We shall see.

Peplums seem to be the shape of the moment, but I have been wearing it for the past three years, so not that excited; still, a feminine, flattering shape.

Opposed to last autumn’s colour blocking, I think this one will be more about texture; and I am loving it.

Glad to see red lips still on (are they ever out? Not for me!). Geometric liners, not so sure I can pull that one off, but will give it a go.  Sculpted cheeks (love it, make you look great on pictures!).

Hair? I am thinking sleek hair – down straight on in ponytails.

I am inspired. However, I will ride this “summer that never came” vibe for a while longer. I still have hope to make my pastels worth their money!

Let me know what you think:

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