Nails of the week: purple with glitter flakes

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Another thing I cannot have enough of is glitter flakes topcoats. They have this power of making any nail polish amazing. adding an extra dimension to any colour.

It is no secret I am a huge fan of duochromes and colour changing polishes in general, so no surprise I fell head over heels for the amazing flakies from Brazilian brand Specialittá.

I really like them, they do really different colours and effects lines. I placed an order online and got a friend to bring it over to London for me… I must have bought a good 10 bottles, so watch this space!!!

This week, I am wearing Collection 2000 Purple rain with Specialittá Hits Fox Trot over it. Fox Trot is part of their Mundo de Danças (World of Dances) collection which has lots of glitter flakes polishes.  This one has a jelly-ish purple/mauve base and is laden with pretty flakes, which change colour from pink, reds and golds to pale green. The colours are quite subtle but really pretty, and the change can be seen on many different types of light! Gorgeous!

Application was smooth,I used two coats of each polish (as I like plenty of flakes!!!) plus the topcoat, and durability is fantastic.

Pretty overall; very happy with it!

Other polishes from the collection will be coming soon; I bought three from their 12!

Any amazing flakies out there for me to go crazy about? Would love to expand my collection!


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