Talking about my (shoe) feelings

When agonising about something, the best thing is to talk abut it, right?

For me, comfort is probably the last thing in my mind when I am buying heels. Really, I accept that I may have to suffer a little bit to look fabulous – not that I like suffering, far from it, but in my head, there is no choice to be made between feeling amazing and feeling comfortable. Beauty sometimes has its price.

For the first time in my life I was met with the dilemma between being in love with a pair of shoes and knowing deep inside that the chances of breaking an ankle (or both, who knows!) is rather high.

I tried these spectacular Gaga-esque shoes from Aldo (actually, there are quite a few with those heels popping up in the high street at the moment) and was almost literally head over heels (when I almost fell in the shop). The curves in the irregular platform which replace the heel compliment the curves of the back of my legs beautifully – it just looks stunning!

They are much more comfortable in terms of fit and height than I thought. It is not even that weird to walk on them. However, the shoes’ sides stability is really rubbish – one step you take without carefully thinking about it, and it turns. Badly. In 5 minutes wearing them, it happened three times. And I am a proficient heel wearer.

Now, all of my heels, with no exception are for real wearing. Dancing. I like dancing. I love dancing on heels.  I don’t buy shoes just to look at them. Those Benetts don’t really look like they were acquainted with a dance floor.

So, just as in life, I am faced with a heartbreaking (shoe) affair: I adore you but you could really, really, reaaaally hurt me.

Impossible love story, anyone?

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