Champagne brunch at Aqua London

Fill it up!

They had me at the champagne. And I knew I simply had to go when I read the word “unlimited” next to the drink’s name… That’s right, you heard it – UNLIMITED!

I don’t really post about events that don’t relate to shoes or beauty, but I had to share this…I headed over to Aqua London for an eagerly awaited indulgent champagne brunch, to celebrate my birthday. My lovely boyfriend was kind enough to take me – you can tell he knows me very well!

Having been to Aqua before (they have a lovely rooftop terrace, in the heart of London) , I knew the experience was going to have quality.

As we sat down, the options were explained by a very friendly waiter, the restaurant offers japanese food – unlimited sushi and some grilled options, desert and champagne. You can go for a champagne free option – why would anyone in sane mind do that, I don’t know, unless of course, you don’t drink alcohol at all. As we settled for the bubbly option, flutes were brought over and we were offered our first glass.

Food was displayed around their central sushi bar and freshly replenished steadily.  There were nigiris, varied sushi rolls, seared tuna and beef, an amazing seaweed and sesame salad amongst other. The grilled options were made to order and brought to table: chicken teriyaki, rib of beef (amazingly tasty, boneless, medium rare), king prawns and courgettes.

The deserts we had were the sake prune créme bruleé and green tea, chocolate and yuzu mochi ice cream. Yum yum yum!

But the best – and I knew you knew I was going to say that – was the constant flow of Veuve Clicquot into my glass. In all seriousness, I don’t think there was a point my glass made it emptier than half-way. And the last top up was after 15:30. Amazing!!!

So worth it. I am so glad I went and I plan to go back, although it was delightful with my boyfriend, I think it would be the perfect girly brunch.

Aqua holds their brunch every Sunday, from 12-3pm.

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