Nails of the week – black with glitter flakes

I am a sucker for glitter flakes… I just love them, especially when they colour-shift a lot!

As part of my huge haul from Brazil (back in September), I received this lovely black jelly base glitter flake polish, called Tango, from Speciallitá Hits, which is from their “World of Dances” collection.

Their polishes are really good quality – good coverage, usually alright with two coats and great durability. The finish was really glossy! However, I think the flakes weren’t big enough, so the effect was not as stunning as I was expecting. I also noticed there were not many flakes per brush dip, so two coats didn’t deliver as many flakes as I would expect.

I used one coat of Barry M Black as base and two of the Hits one.

The flakes shift from golden to green, and there are some red flecks too, which shift a little bit, but some are just red glitter. Although I was slightly disappointed, the effect was very pretty, I liked it very much!


Let me know what you think:

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