Nails of the week – purple and glitter

Glitter. Things change but one thing remains: my love for glitter. Actually, it increases. I cannot get enough.  Sparkly sparkly – I definitely suffer from magpie syndrome.

This week I am wearing an amazing deep metallic purple nail polish from Kiko, 255, which is suspended with holographic silver glitter.

To make it even more sparkly, I added some gradual glitter – silver holographic, from Andrea Fulerton (yes, those little puffs are the gift that keep giving!).

And voilá – pretty, shiny, sparkly. Love it. Application was fine, a bit messy with glitter but not too bad. Durability was also great.

Sadly, it didn’t photograph as well as it looked; the first one is definitely the closest. I really tried and this is the best it came out… maybe next time!

purple nails with silver holographic glitter



3 thoughts on “Nails of the week – purple and glitter

  1. Haha I’ve never heard magpie syndrome and glitter polish being used together but it works perfectly! I am also uncontrollably drawn to shiny, glittery polishes. This mani is lovely – so sparkly!


    • Hahahaha! I love it; whenever I think I am done, I always find a way of adding som sparkle! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by – happy you like the mani – have to say, it was prettier than it showed in the pics! x


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