Product review: Magnifibres brush-on false lashes

magnifibres - so many lovely thingsHaving not heard about it before, so my first admission is that when I opened this product, I had no idea what it was – and was very surprised with what I found. It came inside the fantastic goodie bag from the BBloggers Xmas event.

Magnifibres looks like a mascara bottle, and when you pull out the wand, there is some “wolly” material entangled on the brush, which you apply to your lashes to give them a false lash effect.

How, that’s how it works: the wolly material are actually natural fibres that stick to our lashes, building up volume and length.  You apply a coat of mascara, then brush on the fibres to it, wait 30 seconds, apply another coat of mascara and voilá – the lashes look thicker and longer.

Second admission is that I thought it wouldn’t really work. Well, I was wrong. It does give you thicker, slightly longer lashes. The build-up is evident when doing the process once. You can also build up and add more product and mascara layers, to create an even more dramatic look.

magnifibres - so many lovely things

For me, it is all about the volume. My lashes looked ever so slightly longer, but the volume is more noticeable. Love it. One thing I didn’t like very much is that, as I suffer from super sensitive eyes, sometimes after applying, I can feel a fibre inside. But after a few seconds, I stop feeling it. I would worry, if the company hadn’t stated the fibres are all natural.

It comes off with your mascara, so no special treatment needed there. It looks like there is plenty in the bottle!

It retails at £20 and you can buy online, at QVC or Selfridges.


5 thoughts on “Product review: Magnifibres brush-on false lashes

    • It is not bad, I didn’t feel it clumped, although some people say that… Think it really depends on the mascara too, if it tendos to clump, then might be a problem when this is added! The fibres (viscose) are natural and it also contains panthenol, dimethicone, glycerin and phenoxyethanol.

      Thanks for your visit and comment! x


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