Nails of the week: nude and red

red and nude nails - somanylovelythingsThis week I went again with a combination I love: discreet nude and vibrant red.

Originally, I wanted to do a nude half moon manicure , with red on top, but that didn’t go that well for me; somehow the half moons were too big, looking more like full moons and I wasn’t happy with it. At all.

So I got my dotting tools out and added some red dots… it looked ok but still not great, so I added some nude dots in between and ended up with this kind of dripping mani. I didn’t like it a lot, but it grew on me; the fact it is impeccable after 8 days helped me like it more.

So I started painting the whole nail with the Nails Inc nude Basil street and the applied Colorama’s 40 Graus over it, leaving the (ginormous) moon. Using the dotting tool, I added red dots close to the half moon line and then added the nude ones, intercalated.

Had I thought I was going to end up with a dripping mani, I would’ve Kenmore precise – I just went adding dots randomly… It didn’t end up too well, but I don’t hate it!



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