Nails of the week: orange and colour shifting glitter flakes

Orange glitter flakes nails - somanylovelythingsYou were warned there was going to be a flakie fest here… well, here is another one.

This flakie, suspended on a sheer light orange base is from Risqué, a Brazilian brand, and it is called Cobertura Encantada – enchanted coverage, in free translation, and it really is. I used on top of a gorgeous dark-ish orange, with a very discreet metallic sheen, called Garota Verão, from Colorama – and I have to say, this one needs to be worn alone, it is beautiful.

The glitter flakes, even on an lighter colour, shifted subtly from gold-green to orange-light red. I really liked it. Most of the time, they were just very shiny vivid gold, as seen on the pictures. I couldn’t quite capture the shifting :(. I saw some pictures of it over black and it is amazing… but I am sooo tired of wearing flakie over black; they end up looking quite similar…

Application was alright; smooth. I used two coats of Garota Verão (could have done with one, really  – it is very pigmented), and three of the glitter topcoat – it is not the most saturated flakie I have ever seen, but three coats created a good coverage.

Durability was ace and I was very happy with this one, nothing too exceptional, but nice. Overall, a good combo!



2 thoughts on “Nails of the week: orange and colour shifting glitter flakes

    • Thanks Char! Just checked that one, and yes, quite similar – my base one is slightly darker and a bit redder, but you are right, think with the flakies would look the same! x


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