Product review: Holland & Barrett sleeping beauty box

We all know that sleeping well is essential to our beauty. Dark circles, tiredness, dull skin, dry patches: a badly slept night can literally be seen in you face.

So although some of the products here are not really beauty products per se (apart from the one), I believe they can also be part of a beauty regime. I am lucky to sleep quite well already, but a helping hand is always welcome, especially in more stressful times.

I received four products, to be used in steps just before saying night-night:

dr organic night cream, cherry concentrate, lavender oil and wonder oil from holland and barrett

First, the Wonder Oil, a combination on olive, sunflower seed, wheat germ, sweet almond, sesame and jojoba oils and a blend of 14 herbs in a base of Safflower oil and a citrus blend of grapefruit, lemon and orange (phew!) so plenty of goodness there, to be used on the skin, hair, nails. I use it after showering, on damp skin. It absorbs quickly, leaves a subtle orangey smell on the skin for a little while and you I could still feel my skin moisturised and soft in the morning. It retails at £10.99.

Then, the Black Cherry concentrate. This is yummy. My favourite way of taking it was as yoghurt topper. OMG, it is sooooo tasty, and healty. You can add to ice-cream, use instead of squash for a delicious cherry drink – hot (lovely just before bed!) or cold. Love it. Has no added sugar and cherries contain the sleep hormone melatonin. It is also said to help relieve gout symptoms, arthritis pain and help prevent heart disease. The only problem is that I could not find the nutritional information for this anywhere – it would be nice to know how many calories and carbs it has. You can buy a 473ml bottle for £11.69.

After that, the lavender oil. I love lavender oil. For me, the way of using it is in the oil burner. Smells great and if you have undesirable moths in the house, this really helps to get rid of them – keep a soaked cotton ball in the wardrobe! This little bottle retails for £4.99 (10ml)

I also received a Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan oil night cream. It smells amazing and it is of a thick consistency  great for drier patches, I used on my hands, elbows, knees, around my hips and waist, as well as on my decolette. I found a bit too rich for my face, but it will probably be alright for more mature skin. It also contains Kigelia, Roselle and Baobab, all organic ingredients, of course!  It retails for £9.49 for a 50ml tub.

You can find all these products and much more at Holland & Barrett.

This post contains PR samples, however, this review is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Let me know what you think:

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