Product review: Simple revitalising eye roll-on

simple eye roll-onMy poor eyes usually wake up feeling quite exhausted and a bit puffy. I suffer from allergies and when I get up in the morning my eyes are in a bit of a state, so I really welcomed the Simple eye roll-on to my drawer.

What I really like about eye roll-ons is the massage it offers around the eye; gently, if physically pushes away the puffiness, leaving behind some skin loving ingredients and a bit of hydration, complementing my night eye cream work. I love that the roll-on ball is metal, so it is quite refreshing too!!! After application, the area around my eyes feels calmer.

The Simple revitalising eye roll-on has cucumber extract (you know, you don’t need cucumber slices anymore!) and pro-vitamins B5 and B3, glycerin and lupin extract, so what stays after your mini massage is going to care for that all delicate eye-area!simple eye roll-on

Having tried similar products from premium brands before, I can say that this products has the same effects of something a few times its price and for me, works great for what I need!

You can find more information on the eye roll-on and other products on the Simple website.

3 thoughts on “Product review: Simple revitalising eye roll-on

    • Hi Amelia
      I became a big fan, they are really effective and kind to the skin, as well as being great value for money. This little roll-on really helps! 🙂
      Thanks for your comment and visit! xxx


  1. I have not tried Simple revitalising eye roll-on but I think it is nice that they have simple and natural ingredients in their product. The other commercial brand eye roll-on has other ingredient such as caffeine, which makes me think twice if I am going to purchase it. I guess I will try to check if this available.


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