Nails of the week – bright green

bright green nails - somanylovelythings

Shock horror – this week I have a single colour on my nails!

And it is green- a bright, acid kinda halfway between lime and avocado green, with a lovely golden sheen to it (delivered by the addition of “special golden pearl”
to its fomula).

Sounds great, no? And it is. Pure and pretty. I was going to add stuff to it but decided not to, it shines on its own.

I am wearing the lovely limited edition green number 427, Amable Chartreuse, from Kiko’s Sun Pearl collection. Application was alright, the polish is a bit thick and it feels like the rush strokes will mark, but it settles nicely and they don’t. I am using two generous coats, but the polish is very pigmented. The finish is just lovely – shiny and intense. And it lasted very well.

As usual, Kiko delivers great value for money – this baby was only £2,40 on their sale!

Let me know what you think:

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