Product review: Simple eye make-up corrector pen

simple eye make-up corrector pen - somanylovelythings

Even for proficient hands, we all know it is still hard to create the perfect eye liner flick. With me, when it goes wrong, it is always one side. It’s wonky. It’s too long. It’s off-centre. Well, Simple to the rescue with their magical wand: the eye make-up corrector pen.

The best use is indeed to fix the eyeliner: not only the flick but also the fatter-then-I-wanted line.

It is also a great weapon for all of you that haven’t yet mastered the art of applying eyeliner (although is almost intangible, really, I use it everyday and consider myself very good with it, but some days it goes wrong. There is no other way about it.). Instead of causing an even bigger mess, this little beauty wipes off the memories of that mistake and gives you the much needed fresh break.

simple eye make-up corrector pen - somanylovelythingsThe precise tip offers detailed correction. It is dead easy to use – but always remember to old the pen upside down for 10-15 seconds before use and clean the tip after using, for optimal results. Cleaning the tip (I used a bit of tissue) is very important especially if you are removing black eye liner – you gotta do it between strokes, otherwise diluted liner will transfer onto your face. having said that, the smudges were easily removed by pressing my finger on it, so very easy!

simple eye make-up corrector pen - somanylovelythings

What a tool for any make-up bag – especially on those days you top up make-up after work in the office – eyeliner is bound to go wrong when you are in a hurry.

Retired are my cotton buds+eye make-up remover for small fixes. This is the thing. It will also help you with that cut precise look on smokey eyes. Just swipe at a 90 degree angle from the outer corner and voilá. Hello sharp, defined shape.

Also, if you sneeze after applying mascara (who never?), this will help you get rid of the mess without interfering with the make-up!

It contains no alcohol or oils, no fragrance and vitamin B5. It’s a little make-up miracle for just under £5. You can get more information about the Simple eye make-up corrector pen on the Simple website. You can buy it from retailers nationwide!

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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