Product review: Stargazer Sexy Eyes temporary eye tattoo

stargazer temporary eye tattoo lace and bows - somanylovelythings

It is no secret I love my eyes BIG. The bigger and blacker, the better. Recently, I even attempted a crystal look (which I will come to in due time!) but today I tried Stargazer’s temporary eye tattoo Sexy Eyes in Rose and Bows.

stargazer temporary eye tattoo lace and bows - somanylovelythings

Should’ve stopped the cutting there, but nooooo…

And sexy they are. I really loved it. Application was dead easy. I must confess I did mess one up, but not applying – cutting! It will make sense soon, I promise!

You probably applied a temporary tattoo on yourself or somebody else; applying this is exactly the same – simply remove the transparent film and put that side you just removed the film from on to clean skin. Make sure you position it in the right place and gently dab a water-soaked cloth over the paper – make sure you don’t miss any bits. After the whole area is wet, wait 10 second and gently peel the white paper. Voilá. Gently dab the damp cloth over the design again.

stargazer temporary eye tattoo lace and bows - somanylovelythingsIt dries pretty quickly and feels great on the skin. I was worried it was going to pull after it dried, but it didn’t; I couldn’t even notice it was there. I filled the gap between my lash line and the tattoo with black and gold liner to complement the look.

Now, with Halloween just around the corner, if you are thinking about an amazing eye design that is very easy to achieve, look no further. This product is fantastic to complement pretty much any costume and they have many designs for you to choose from – all eyes here on Flame!!!stargazer temporary eye tattoo lace and bows - somanylovelythings

It is also a great alternative to masks for a masquerade ball – dare to be different and still very sexy, without having to carry the extra weight on your face (and hands once you get bored, the mask starts itching, you are fed up of not having peripheral vision… and the list goes on!).

You can add more details or extend the design using liquid eyeliner to create an even more intricate design.

Apart from that, this is also great for occasions when you want to go all out. I would probably cut it up smaller for a night out, but would definitely use it (I actually have another set – it is waiting for the right moment!)

And a little secret: this tattoos are very versatile – you can cut them up in at least three different places to create a more discreet effect. You can use it only on the lid or with a slim or large flick. Great!!!

stargazer temporary eye tattoo lace and bows - somanylovelythings

A few ways of cutting it for a great effect!

Removal was much easier than I thought – I used an oily make-up remover (Lancôme Bi Facil) and it came out with no vigorous rubbing. Thumbs up.

The best of all (yes, there is something almost better than all that): it only costs you £4. Yes. Four British pounds per set. Do not wait.

You can get these lovelies at the Stargazer website – do check all the designs, they are beautiful!

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

2 thoughts on “Product review: Stargazer Sexy Eyes temporary eye tattoo

  1. These look great! I thought they’d look really over the top and you’d have to scrub (nail brush at skin ) like trying to get ones off as a kid, but you’ve tackled both those problems. I’ll definitely have to try some out for a more dramatic look!
    S xo


    • Well worth a try. Certainly a bold look; I would wear out, but it is more than perfect for fancy dress. Cutting down makes them much more wearable! And they were so easy to apply! I was worried about removing them too (have the same memories as you, haha) but they dissolved and came out after a few strokes with a good eye make-up remover, and without rubbing (well, maybe a tiny bit, but my skin wasn’t red after!)! Before I tried them I loved the concept, but wasn’t sure how I would feel when I applied them on myself – wasn’t really expecting to like them this much!

      Thanks for your comment and your visit – welcome to so Many Lovely Things!

      Dani x


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