Product review: MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara


For me, a good mascara is a definition mascara. Yes, I love volume, but I prefer that all of my lashes are separated and coated – and that is why I liked MAC’s Extended Play mascara.

Its brush has tough short bristles, and they pick each individual lash, creating a nice fan effect. If you build up three layers, it will also give you some volume, but this baby’s business is definition.  Also, it is a lovely super black, which I favour.


However, what I really love about this is the staying power. When they say extended play, they weren’t kidding: it lasts. I don;t like waterproof mascara, it dries my lashes too much. But I used this on the beach and it lasted.

And it doesn’t smudge or flakes. It does comes off with warm water, in flakes, so there is no panda eye mess when washing your face. An eye make-up remover, although always used by me, it barely necessary after washing. For this reason alone, this mascara is well worth its price of £14!

MAC extended play mascara

With (L) and without (R) mascara – I enjoyed the definition it gives my lashes

MAC extended play mascara

From this angle, I noticed my lashes are not only defined, but also lengthened

Fact:  have been put off MAC mascaras for a very long time, and never though anything good of them – and never though I’d buy another one (think the last was about seven years ago!). This product certainly changed my mind.

3 thoughts on “Product review: MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara

    • Hi Satoya
      I was very surprised – and yes, you are right – definition and separation is what I want day by day, as my lashes are quite fine, so I need something that picks every single one of them! This really does the trick and comes in at £14, which I think is very good value. Oh, and it lasts… 🙂
      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog!
      Dani x


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