Product Review: Hi Brow kit and Smoothing Wax Pencil by La La (Lash Perfect)

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

The first time I had my eyebrows filled, I found it really, but really odd. Fast forward a few years, and today, I cannot leave the house without them being filled – it is like something is missing in my face. For that, I really welcomed the Hi Brow 24 hour , to make sure my peepers are framed beautifully by defined brows.

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

Hi-Brow is made by the same company that brought to us by Lash Perfect Professional Eyelash Extensions, as part of their La La Brows range. The kit comes in a little compact; simple, functional with a very smooth latch and a mirror. Inside you will find a brow powder, a highlighter, a double ended brush and three eyebrow stencils.

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

Check how it enhances my brow, left is with, right is without!

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

Now both!

The compact powders are very pigmented; I am using the DARK BROWN and found the colour warm and right for me. Application is good, the brush is quite soft; I am used to harder brushes for eyebrows, but this applied very well, no dropping!

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

The highlighter is beautiful. It has a pink-ish shimmer to it, reflecting light very well, really bringing that brow bone out and creating a lovely contrast with the filled eyebrow.

Personally, I don’t use the stencils as I like my brow shape, but they are a great guide for those who don’t! They are very easy to use, there are guides for correct alignment and they are quite flexible.

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

To finish off the look, I applied their the super thick Smoothing Wax Pencil, to fix my eyebrows in place. I quite like that one sweep will cover the whole brow and the wax will set the hairs in place, keeping that sharp look for longer.

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

The wax is smooth and doesn’t feel too waxy, if you know hat I mean! It last well and you don’t have that feeling of hard brows you get with some gels!

Hi Brow by La La - somanylovelythings

The Hi Brow kit , which is available in four colours to suit your complexion (grey, light brown, dark brown and dark charcoal) and the Smoothing Wax Pencil are available from the Lash Perfect website.

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Hi Brow kit and Smoothing Wax Pencil by La La (Lash Perfect)

    • It is true Anna… most ranges are limited to lighter and darker browns – I was surprised Hi Brow does four shades – two browns, a charcoal and my biggest surprise, grey, which is great, but red is still missing 🙂 Great tip on the Paul Dorf for redheads!
      Thanks for your comment and visit! xxx


  1. Great review! I agree with you: I can’t leave the house without having my eyebrows filled! It makes a huge difference in the whole look. I don’t use any wax, though. I think it makes no difference at all.


    • Hi Flavia

      It is amazing how much difference it makes, no? It’s weird, I almost feel “expression-less” if I don’t hahahahaha.

      I started using wax recently, I feel it keeps it tidier but mainly makes the filling last longer especially after the gym, which I go to over my lunch break and don’t have time to re-do the whole face! Also, I think because my brow hairs are quite scattered and fine, it helps them bunch up together, haha!

      Thank you so much for you lovely comment and visit! 🙂 xxx


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