Review: LashPerfect Lash Bar Hi Brow treatment

It is no secret that I love a well groomed pair of eyebrows and cannot live without plucking and filling mine. After trying the LashPerfect Hi Brow filling powder and wax pencil and attending their eyebrow event where they launched their brow extensions Brow Perfect, I was delighted to actually try their full eyebrow treatment called Hi Brow.

Their salon, just by Carnaby Street in London, is lovely. I went in 24 hours before my appointment for a patch test (this is very important, as they won’t tint your brows without it!). They were also very lovely changing the date of my treatment when I forgot to pop in for a patch test. Do-oooh!!!

lashperfect hibrow treatment


lashperfect hibrow treatment


Upon arrival, the lovely Liga asked me to fill out a form (I had filled one for the patch test already) and took me down to the treatment area. Then she cleansed my eyebrows, gave me a mirror and asked me what I didn’t like about my eyebrows.

I do like them, so I mentioned I would like to keep them quite thick as they are, get more definition, a general tidy and a bit more of an arch.

First, she measured my brow in three points: inner corner, highest point and end, marking the spots. She asked what shade I’d be more comfortable with for the tint – I said not too dark! She applied the wax pencil around my brows and then the tint, removing the excess with a cotton bud and already defining the shape.

lashperfect hibrow treatment

The tint is ON

After a few minutes, she cleaned the dye and started the shaping process, first by waxing. They use an amazing wax which is has a low melting point so it is not too hot – it is in fact very pleasantly lukewarm, and feels very soft and gentle on the skin. Just what you need for your face! She removed hair from the top, bottom and middle of brows!

lashperfect hibrow treatment

Shaping already started on left brow!

She also used tweezers to fine tune the shape and threading to remove the fluff towards the hair line – a multi-technique operation going on!

She then gave me back the mirror and wow – they looked amazing. But she wasn’t done. Oooh no! There was filling to be done. She filled with the lovely Hi Brow powder (reviewed here), teaching me how to do it best. That is no harsh lines at the top, starting from the middle bottom, make a defined line and blend upwards so you can still see skin and it is not too dark! Now I know! Then she applied the highlighter on the brow bone.

lashperfect hibrow treatment

After shaping

Finally – and I found this a lovely touch – she concealed the redness (although I didn’t even go too red, slightly pink, more like!) so I could return to the office, as I had the treatment, which lasts about 30 minutes inclusive of consultation, on my lunch break!

I had never had my eyebrows tinted before and I really liked the effect. It lasts for about a month, Liga told me. Overall, the service was very friendly, extremely professional and I felt very confident in totally trusting my brows (such an important feature of my face!) to them.

More than a week on, the tint has faded a bit, but the shape is still looking fantastic and the eyebrows are still looking very sharp!

lashperfect hibrow treatment

And voilá – beautifully tinted, shaped and filled eyebrows!

You can book the Hi Brow treatment, a great lunchtime treat, by calling the LashBar (35 Marshall Street, London W1F 7EX – behind Carnaby Street) on 020 7434 4554. It costs £35.

They offer a great range of lashes and brows treatments. All info, including prices, can be found on the LashBar website and you can also follow them on Twitter @LashBar@LashPerfect@Hi_Brow and@BrowPerfect_ for news and promotions.

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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