Shoe obsession – Sergio Rossi’s Papillons sandals

sergio rossi papillons sandals

From time to time I fall in love with some unobtainable pair of shoes. This is quite a common occurrence – in fact, it happens more often that not.

The current “victim” of my infatuation this time comes from Sergio Rossi – it is the Papillons sandals, in gold and black leather and metal. Oh, Sergio, why do you do this to me???

Not many of you know, but a have a thing for butterflies. I have two tattooed on my shoulder. I just love them – less to do with their beauty,  more with their transformation, their new found self and freedom plus the fact they live, on average, a month – this is, for me, a reminder that you should make the best of every minute.

sergio rossi papillons sandals

Anyway… Mr Rossi (actually, Angelo Ruggeri, Sergio Rossi’s creative director) then comes up with this. Butterflies that could be hugging my ankles right now. And they are gold. And art-inspired. Plus they are just beautiful. Look at those melting metal heels!!!! Oh, God, do I LOVE a metal heel or not?!

Ruggeri took inspiration from some of artist Gabriella Crespi’s pieces from the Gocce Oro collection, including a pair of candelabra, created in the 70’s and the result is just stunning.

Well, WANT doesn’t even start to describe it. Anyone?! Please?

Images credits: French Vogue and Gabriella Crespi’s website

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