Product review: Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

eyeko skinny liquid liner

Confession: I cannot go one day without eyeliner. And I mean it. I tried all types: pencils, felt tip pens, gel pots, eyeshadow+slanty brush… you name it, I’ve been there. And I settled for the pen, which is the most practical. For that reason alone, I was more than excited to try the Eyeko Skinny Liquid eyeliner in black.

To start with, I love that the tip is super long. I don’t know why, but I just do. And it is indeed very skinny and precise.

Now, I used this one to the end. Using everyday, it lasted about three months. I mean, the liquid is clearly ending, but the tip remains pretty sharp. It is still going – if I leave it upside down or shake it a bit, it will go back to almost new glory. It is still going but I know it is at the bitter end – it has given me all the signs it wants to retire. And I am re-purchasing. I don’t think I will ever let this one go, as I tried many liquid eyeliner pens and this one is really the best one!

eyeko skinny liquid liner

The liquid is smooth and very black. It dries quickly and I cannot remember having any transfer after applying, at any point.

Application is easy, it glides very well with just the right amount – not too dry or too wet. One stroke and you have a solid colour. With any liner, a steady hand is always welcome, but the strong tip really helps. And because the tip is so fine, you can create perfect flicks, with precision. It is also easy to build up to create thicker lines.

eyeko skinny eyeliner - somanylovelythings

Durability is also great. I do use an eyeshadow primer, but this baby stays in place all day and doesn’t smudge – even through my spin class (my best and probably unfairest test to makeup durability!). After 8 hours, it starts to fade, but stays in place. It is easy enough to remove with a good eye makeup remover and rubbing is not required – just wipe gently with the damp cotton wool!

eyeko skinny liquid liner

I especially recommend this to those who are new to eyeliner – as mentioned, the tip really helps if you are not that confident with other eyeliners, and you can create delicate lines! actually, there isn’t a single Eyeko product I tried and did not love. Seriously. Eye wizards!

The Skinny Liquid Eyeliner retails from £10 from the Eyeko website and they . At the moment, QVC has a brilliant twin pack for £15 plus p&p – which will come in my Christmas stocking, through “very subtle” hints!

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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