Product review: Magnitone Pulsar skin cleansing brush

magnitone pulsar

If there ever was a right time, that is when the Magnitone Pulsar skin cleansing brush came along. Days before I was approached by them, I was actually thinking about getting a cleansing brush to add to my skin routine.

You are probably no stranger to my skin problems – acne (still active! Argh!) and a few scars so I thought it was time to give a brush a go to see how they could help me.

Magnitone is a face a body brush with four speed settings: sensitive, deep clean, massage and exfoliate.

I made this Instagram video showing the four different modes!

I started the 7 day challenge on the sensitive mode, which is recommended, and changed to deep clean after 3 days. I also used the massage mode at night, as this doesn’t count towards the cleansing time.

The brush is totally waterproof, meaning you can use in the shower – extra handy for using on the body. It comes with a cradle, which holds and charges the brush, and an “active clean” and body brush head. There is an option to buy a sensitive brush head too.

The device works with pulsating an active electromagnetic technology, with over 15,000 rotational oscillations per minute, sweeping over the skin and promises more effective, deeper cleansing, help increase collagen production, softer, smoother, clearer, firmer and tighter skin, decrease fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores appearance, increase in blood circulation, better product absorption. It is also great for body exfoliation and, my favourite body use, post waxing/shaving, to help prevent ingrowing hair.

magnitone pulsar

It should be used every day, for one minute, twice a day. You should spend 20 second on your forehead, 10 seconds on each cheek and 20 seconds on nose and around mouth, using your preferred cleanser/wash. I noticed it works better with a foamy one – I used with Guinot’s Mousse Nettoyante Bioxygene and Liz Earle Clean and Polish hot cloth cleanser

On my first day, I noticed skin was very soft after use. It felt very clean to touch – especially compared to my neck, where I didn’t brush (I started from day 3!). I also noticed my serum sank immediately upon application! The brush doesn’t feel abrasive on the skin and the whole process feels very comfortable.

I had a few bad breakouts and after the seven days I can say skin looks brighter, calmer and some blemishes have faded a little bit. It is said that in the first days of using a mechanical method of cleansing, skin might breakout as it is adjusting to new cleaning method. I think that partly happened to me, I developed a few small spots that soon disappeared, but nothing out of my usual amount, to be honest. My skin is definitely clearer overall.

I had never used a cleaning brush before, and I am pleased with the Magnitone Pulsar. It was actually easy to incorporate the 1 minute to my routine in the morning and evening, the brush is easy to clean after use and one charge seem to last forever!

After the 7 day challenge, I will keep it going – cannot wait to use as an all over body exfoliator pre-tan!

You can get more information on the Magnitone website and purchase the Magnitone Pulsar skin cleaning brush from Boots – at the moment, it is on special offer with 1/3 off, for £86.65, which is great! Usual RRP is £129.99.


I got the Magnitone Pulsar as part of an offer for bloggers. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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